Posted by: bellebelle | December 25, 2005

1st Christmas Encounter

What’s your first Christmas encounter?

In the previous years, my Christmas days were mostly filled with parties. It’s really special this year, as I’m celebrating as God’s children. This is the first year where Christmas is filled with caroling schedules. But most of all, Christmas is about love. I have received the greatest gift that can ever be given. So it’s the time for me to work for God.

Christmas Church Service. Sunday service organized by the PJ Married Ministry. I was amazed by the presentations and orders, they were very dedicated to the arrangements, I call it a success. Kids Kingdom performances were so cute! Obviously the workers have poured loads of effort in training and rehearsal with the kids. There are also the costumes and headgears, so unique and cute! Not forgetting, a stage play about Jesus’ birth, as it’s all about CHRISTmas! In between scenes, the married couples sung with the band. One word, WOW. The message about Jesus coming to earth in a human form was clearly presented.

Caroling. We’ve had contracts from hotels to malls. Caroled with fairytales-decorated One-Utama Shopping Center, Western buffet at Hilton Hotel Charity Show, special performance for Starbucks Anniversary, walked in the rain to Sheraton Imperial, running trips to Equatorial, KLCC and et cetera. It’s a meaningful and wonderful memory to have. Get to build friendship, hangout, practice, and also count down with brothers and sisters from other groups. Of course, we’ve sung off-tuned and at times, forget the lyrics. One thing for sure, we enjoy serving.

Something cool. Many of the carolers gathered for supper (I think) at Lotus (a huge mamak stall near KLCC). Count down. When the clock strikes 12, we sung “We Wish You a Merry Christmas”. It was a massive ‘instant performance’ as we have our conductor, Mike and also about 50± carolers on the spot. Besides, the customers in Lotus were humongous as well. It was fun to sing along and watch everyone opening their hearts to join in the fiesta. It is truly a joyous occasion by the times where I could gather with the people who doesn’t care about the worldly thoughts and not resist singing their hearts out.

Silly me. I’m a big head prawn (Cantonese direct translation). I’ve left my mp3 player in church. I came to realize that when I left the place for about 6 hours. Hopefully somebody returns it to me. *pray hard*

Miracle happens. We also had a Christmas Bible Talk cum Party on the 17th, I’ve invited 4 friends, but all of them couldn’t make it. Nevertheless, there’s still hope and also space for miracle to slip in. After a prayer session with the brothers and sisters, things worked out. A total of 8 friends + juniors came for the event. Through God’s grace, the agenda went great!

Love. I personally think that Christmas is an occasion filled with happiness. The love from our Heavenly big man. The smiles hung on the joyful faces. The attention and gifts received were filled with care, as those who chose it carries a merry heart with them. Merry heart does well like medicines! I no longer care for the contents in the gift boxes, but the contents in the loving heart.

To bed now, tata! Thanks for the accountabilities, love y’all.



  1. Yeah, Xmas was fun indeed..
    honestly, i felt u did a fantastic job in been the forefront of the carollers.. your smiles & eye contact with the crowd and at the same time paying attention to the conductor was amazing too!! About ur voice in singing.. err.. can't really hear ur voice lah.. but i reckon it was beautiful too.. :)

    so yeah, Xmas was special for me too!! Been 6th years serving in Carolling.. sometimes, makes me feeling draggy and unmotivated.. but i guess it's u guys (the campus) who is always so real & lovely.. really spurs me forward.. so yeah.. a BIG THANK U, ARIGATO to all of u.. esp. to HealingExpectation (walau.. so long nickname.. ^^|||)

  2. wow, i never knew that we’ve made such impact. *lol* my 1st time caroling, so wasn’t encouraged to sing out loud. i’m an Alto, if i sing loudly, Soprano gonna get confused & at the same time, confuse myself as well, hehe. ;)

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