Posted by: bellebelle | January 8, 2006

Series of Unfortunate Events & the Answers

On the 8th of Dec, I accidentally brought my exam sheets home.
On the 13th of Dec, I realized my sheets were still lying at home when it’s supposed to be marked.
On the 17th of Dec, my pot of mushroom soup specially prepared for our early Christmas party was… burnt.
On the 25th of Dec, I left my mp3 player at church and only realize it when I’ve left church for almost 7 hours.
On the 26th of Dec, I accidentally deleted all my SMS.
On the 3rd of Jan, daddy lost his wallet on his birthday.
On the 5th of Jan, my cell phone was snatched. I cried and resulted with fever.
On the 7th of Jan, I had nauseas and vomited.
On the 8th of Jan, I realize I couldn’t recall mom’s contact number.

What do you call that? A Series of Unfortunate Events?

Nahh~ Because…

The Christmas party was a success and the guests did not realized the mushroom soup was burnt. :P
The brothers from church found my mp3 player and it was reported lost-and-found, cheerios!
I pampered myself with a new haircut, copper highlights and treatment. It was a discounted package, so it wasn’t costly.
Daddy’s wallet wasn’t lost. Somebody took all the money and left the wallet in our motorcycle basket. It was a great relieve that daddy wouldn’t need to reapply his identity cards and the amount of money stolen wasn’t much.
Thank goodness, I reserved a new cell phone number and a copy of contact list.
I’ve got a super big Christmas present. That is my baby Kancil! Although its 2nd hand, but it’s still in good condition and besides, it was a good bargain as well.
And… mom called personally to my residential number, phew. I get to talk to mom, and our relationship drew closer.

What would be next? I don’t know. I only remember the Bible said.

Matthew 6:34
“So don’t worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring its own worries.
Today’s trouble is enough for today.”

I only remember Aaron sms-ed me that through every bad thing there’s good in it. I only remember that I need not to worry what will happen next. Because no matter what; I will be the petite girl who would keep shining with her big heart and sing the song of life with a beautiful smile.

Results out tomorrow, nervous! Gotta run to bed, love y’all. p/s: Please pray for me yeah.



  1. […] It’s alright, because it is just one happening. If I can get over a series of unfortunate events like last year, why can’t I stand strong now? I found the tearstained post again… and remembered God’s faithfulness. […]

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