Posted by: bellebelle | March 7, 2006

I say sigh-ay-ay-ayy~

Having the opportunity to study in the leading design college in Malaysia, yeah, very blessed indeed. Among many colleges and universities, I made my mind to take the challenge in TOA.

Due to personal needs and family restrictions, I gave up Psychology Studies, plus, rejected numerous scholarships.

4 years in UK without having the flight $$ to return home, is quite a struggle. Besides, I am not very sure if Communication Design is really my passion at that point of time. And, I’ve just settled down in a church which I really favor, it’ll be a big turning point if I were to transfer again.

20k scholarship for 3 years trial in LaSalle Raffles, I’m not sure if I really want that. Though the amount of scholarship is really un-reject-able, but yet, Graphic Design is pretty fresh for ‘em.

Now, come to the point where I’m gonna finish my foundation studies in TOA, it’s time to select the course which I’ll be majoring in the next 2 years or more. This decision making moment is really a tough one. So it’s either Multimedia Design or Graphic & Advertising Design.

Due on the 20th of March.

Kacau-ed one of our academic counselor. The advice was “follow your heart”. I’d really love to, but my heart tells me I need to take care of my dad’s banking account. Multimedia D will most probably eat up a huge sum of $$. It was the main reason which blocked my path on Psychology & Counseling. Alto my dad is in the Advertising line, my family don’t see much about my future in the design field.

Well, I shall seek further advice.


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