Posted by: bellebelle | March 9, 2006

flight 1340.

He buttoned up, and carried his maroon coloured luggage bag. I filled his water bottle & mark the checklist. Just like every time I send him off, I’d stand near the gate and watch him put on his socks. As always, he will get the signal. Kiss me on the forehead and there he goes. This morning, it was vice versa. I kissed him on his cheek but this time, he did not get my signal. While I gazed his shoulders with disappointment, he turned asked if I needed him to buy me lunch before he goes. Then I realized, what an important role I played in his life. Never mind bout the meal, never mind bout the goodbye kiss, tears rolled all over my heart. Is it because of the fever I became so emotional? I doubt.

Never mind bout the fever, Daddy will come home by Sunday 3pm.





  1. i finally found you. :P

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