Posted by: bellebelle | March 20, 2006

Miracles Happened TODAY

12:50:26 PM . MSN messenger

I’ve changed my display name/message into
would you believe me if i said that God can make miracles happen today.

Kae Shiuh: i ate 3 bowl of rice today
god gave me miracle lol

9:39:08 PM

Kae Shiuh changed his display name into “near death

near death: thank god we’re save
i wont skip church now liao

: kenapa? near death?

near death: car accident just now

: how how? got hurt?

near death: car hurt
its like this
one junction rite

: yup

near death: goin down
rainin somemore
we’re suppose to turn left
so daryl was like turning da whole steering to left
max liao
da car still go straight
tekan brake
cannot brake!!

: O_O

near death: bang
damn hard

: bang where?
other cars?

near death: construction site
thsoe rocks
big rocks

: who else in the car?

near death: straight to da rocks
5 person
fuh.. fuh..

: you okay? got traumatize?

near death: got phobia

: *sayang*

near death: balik wit da same car
drive slowly

: O_O still can drive eh, geng.
thank God that i dont need to see you guys on the newspaper

near death: yeah

: cheat death
some more can drive back, miracle la

near death: lol speed 40

: haha.. funny wei when i think of my display name this morning, when you told me you ate 3 bowls of rice

Highlight the following paragraph for a prayer.

Dear Heavenly Father,

I praise you with songs, Father, for you perform miracles in our daily life. Thank You for loving us and look after us, not forgetting to protect us and care for us. Thank You for putting people in our lives. Thank You for Kae Shiuh & Daryl & friends being able to go home with save bodies. Father, let us not stop singing love songs to you, let us keep jumping and dancing and shout out to Your name, Lord. Father Lord, I love you and pray all these in your son Jesus’ most precious name, Amen.

Be quick! Everyone go listen to Hillsong – Free!! That’s where I’ve gotten my display name. ;)

Click! for lyrics. Love y’all, gotta go get my assignments done, tata!


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