Posted by: bellebelle | April 3, 2006

How Do I Read?

I enjoy reading. My top favorite stops have always been the biography, arts, design and magazine section in bookstores. How do I read? If it were few years back, I would always have plenty of footnotes on my English books. I will flip the dictionary many times in reading just a page of the book. It was super inconvenient. Plus, that will drags time, then I will never finish the book within a short period of time.

So I questioned myself. “You wanna go into every single word of the book, or do you wanna go into every single details of the book?” I read to discover the contents or do I read to proof that I could read every single word? If I waste so much time on the unnecessary words, I would have missed the important points of the story. But if I do it fast, I would have understood more about what I’m reading.

Well, if you were to do a spontaneous presentation without depending on any supportive materials (cue cards, presentation slides, multimedia sources etc), read your notes fast about 10-20 rounds, and then you’ll be so ready to pull through! With all the understanding you have, it will strengthen you much more! It works so well, that you do not need to squeeze your brain to the limit to just memorize before the presentation and forget after that. Besides, you will be able to remember all that for a longer period; definitely you could have remembered it after your presentation. You will also have the external knowledge and be able to apply it on your daily life.

Of course, if you can’t understand the words, please go thru one by one with a dictionary on hand, or use this translation tool at altavista (click!). Only do that AFTER you read the entire passage. Well, this trick could only apply to some people, if you can’t adapt, think of your own ways to read more effectively.

Do I manage time, or does time manages me? Many people in my circle of life would have agreed that I have a good hold in time managing. In fact, that is not absolutely correct. I also struggle when it comes to time keeping. Many times I wanted to go deep of what I was doing, I would then take up more time to do it. Also, I arise early but never go to bed on time which resulted weak physically.

My advice would be, sleep early and wake up early. Reason being, you’ll be very refreshed and be much more effective.

Do you revise your notes? Funny how often I take notes but doesn’t read it. So what’s the point of jotting those notes? Well, might be useful as future reference. But look at the amount of notes which I’ve written and compiled, it wouldn’t be good when I need to search fast sources. Therefore, I revise my notes and reminder list as often as I could.

TV is a big threat to me. Alto I don’t watch much, but the biggest problem is, I lived in a single storey terrace house, whenever anyone switch on the TV, I will get so distracted by it. Music is alright, but only to those easy-for-ears genre.


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