Posted by: bellebelle | April 20, 2006

Seeking Comfort

Is the final week of my Foundation Studies, hence the lack of updates. Because I know people out there in the world is too busy to even concern. Because I know so many would have asked me “How are you?” but forgot that there are answers other than “I’m fine, thank you”.

I get fed up of listening to all the “how are you(S)”. Because whenever I wanted to rant a little bout my tight schedule, there will be replies like “you think you’re busy? I’ve only got 4 hours of sleep last night”. Then I will end up standing in the position to concern bout that poor girl who had only 4 hours of sleep, when, myself, didn’t slept the entire night just to help out in everywhere I could. Instead of opening my heart to tell them I need concern as well, I’m giving them all that I can. I know they will appreciate, but I also come to notice that I needed comfort as well.

Am I your daily emergency call operator? Sometimes I clarified that I needed to get my hands off my own work before I could come lend you a hand, but it seemed so easy to reach me, you forgot. Due to all my replies to the needy, I screwed my attendance so many times.

When I approach and pour my heart to you, I wanted encouragement in return. My ears didn’t wish to listen to all the “what you should do, what you should not do”. I come to seek comfort, but you ended up ruining everything. So, what happened to all the “I promise I’ll be there to listen to you”. Yeah, you did listened, but maybe next time I should make you promise to not throw bombs toward me when I tried to speak.

You wouldn’t want me to come smack you on your face when you seek concern from me, therefore learn not to do the same to me.

Decided to do this online, so you guys could click and read and go, because I know you will. But in fact, I’ve expected for more, a reply or two, or a comfy hug, or a few sentences of concern, or a goodnight kiss from daddy, or the tiny things that you used to do for me which you have comfortably forgotten. In case you didn’t notice, these little sources of encouragement could really spice up my energy level.

Here are some examples (of encouragement) I can show,

sim says:
why weary ar? belle belle… (concern)
weary belle belle says:
haih, my brain full of exam thingy (sharing)
and people come in to me and asked me this and that, as if they don’t know i also need to study up my part (rant)
sim says:
when will be the next? can give me all the dates? (concern)
weary belle belle says:
hmm.. this evening got one figure sketching test (sharing)
sim says:
thus just put them aside 1st la… reject them gentle (provide advise)
add oil!!! (other than providing advise, she concerned)
weary belle belle says:
Sometimes I clarified that I needed to get my hands off my own work before I could go lend them a hand, but it seemed so easy to reach me, they forgot. (share more)
sim says:
It is normal for them to forgot coz is not their concern (human nature), but is our part to continue to learn to draw line. love love (provide advise & concern at same time)
weary belle belle says:
haha i know love love (agree)
sim says:
so dun be discourage by them forgetting stuff… from here, we learned to be stronger for God~ (accountable)

Here’s another one.

D a n i e l says:
no class today? (concern)
weary belle belle says:
got 2.30, break a while, then have to work on my assignment, plus today got exam (sharing)
D a n i e l says:
eee! exam! (haha, that’s cute)
are you prepared for it? what exam is that? (concern)
weary belle belle says:
figure sketching
ideal proportion & muscle form (sharing)
D a n i e l says:
wah… have to draw? (concern)
weary belle belle says:
A3 sketch with 4 figures beside the swimming pool, outline will be briefed, then sketch everything thru imagination (sharing)
D a n i e l says:
that’s hard for me.. but you can do it gambatte ya! (concern)

Final one.

Kee Soon said:
Belle Belle said:
Meow (err, ignore our greetings)
Kee Soon said:
i cut my hand tis morning (seek concern)
Belle Belle said:
how did you do that
is it deep?
plastered? (show concern)
Kee Soon said:
yeah, while openin a can of baked beans (sharing)
weary belle belle said:
**sayang sayang** (concern)
Kee Soon said:
Belle Belle said:
ah, now okay ady?
sayang yeah, just bandage it, then it’ll be alright (concern)

See, it’s so easy!

Communication is two way; you talk to me, you expect for a respond. Love is not a one way ticket; I love you, and I wished that you will love me as much.

Proverbs 15:1 A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.

Nevertheless, I will continue to do whatever I can to lend a helping hand. I will continue to allow you to come to me. I will continue to seek encouragement. And I will always be remembered to keep on loving you.

Proverbs 17:17 A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity.



  1. wau….it is good to read this sharing from u. i kno that i shouldnt write my comment at this moment since i am having my exam going on and the last 2 papers that i hav had ‘kena’ me gao gao. but i really wanna spend some time to giv some feedbak, n i think i need to rest for a while 1st also b4 carryin on my revision for tomolo’s paper.

    how are u? wat happen? so common rite all these question. hehe….

    i have kena two papers which carry high credit, so if the followin ones are not well also, then i shall kena for this semester. so wat i nid to do is to carry on giving my best, hmm discouragment is sure there though i may have been comforted. rationally i kno wat nids to be done but jus the emotion strikes me. but i kno that i got to do what i am given to (a disciple on campus), i hav to carry on doing what is right. so i can only tell myself to persevere. i wanna fight a good fight, that is not the end yet. i wanna fight till the end. i kno that i am weak in my character but i kno that i nid to learn to grow to be stronger.

    you are growing to love people even more. people need our feedbak when there is something within us that they dono and they nid to kno. so do not giv up on carry on loving n caring about people :). it is always good for u to share. so all the best for ur exam. ganbatte!!! hehe….taek kae… i am alwis the long-winded guy lol….

  2. *hug hug* nah, you’re not long winded lah, i appreciate all the replies and comments, especially when i knew you care. ;)

    i’m kinda weary of all the projects, deadline & exams i’m currently facing. plus, all the distractions surrounds me like crazy. however, i’m going thru one by one, pass or not, be it god’s will. all my power and hope comes from Christ alone. :D

    Peng Keng also have to carry on!! if you needed any encouragement, i’m sure we’ll be there for you to add oil for ya! together, let us grow to be stronger in faith & love.

    remember oh, no chilli until exam ends!


  3. Hi Sis,

    Proud of you being Open and sharing how you felt. I believe God sent you many Angels to provide you comfort and love.

    Study life is real Hectic especially during exams period there goes PK and Evelyn and Shiau Fong and our Sis Belle. Keep on fighting that you’ll certainly be rewarded in the eyes of the Lord.

    My Motto this year: Is to be Champions of God

    Thus I shall Toil day and night so that I can be a model to follow. I fall short of that sometime…and thus get discourage…but life is more than just that…right?

    1Timothy 4:11
    But you, man of God, flee from all this, and pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love, endurance and gentleness. Fight the good fight of faith.

    Yup! Fight on the GOOD fight. I know you’ll do well.

    I’m really glad to see you grow in church and being so joyfull.

    Hope to see you in Church and we’ll fellowship K. Then I can lend you my shoulder. He he he he he….tell me earlier so that I can bring extra Baju to Change (Tease)

    Love you!


  4. 사랑합니다!

  5. Eve: hehe remember the extra baju!! together we fight² yeah!

    Corrinne: 也爱你唷!!

    *hug hug both Eve & Ryn*

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