Posted by: bellebelle | May 1, 2006

Less than Three

My 19th birthday is coming up in a few days. It’s gonna be my final year of teenage-hood. You know, youngsters often asked for this and that. Supposing, I do can enjoy this ‘privilege’ for a time or two, aite? :P Emm, so, emm, I wanted to try building a birthday wish-list.

Let’s get into action, think think.. What can I answer when people asks me “Hey what do you want for your birthday”? Definitely, this is not to obligate any of you. But I’m sure you’ll be able to work it out, hehe.

#o5 choice

LongYin Review
Outstanding Chinese Advertisements Magazine

#o4 choice

A World History of Art
Seventh Edition

Hugh Honour and John Fleming

996 pages
292 x 220 mm
ISBN 1 85669 451 8


Publisher: Laurence King

Click the image for further information.

#o3 choice

In the Beginning was the Word
The Power and Glory of Illuminated Bibles

Österreichische Nationalbibliothek, Wien (ED)
Füssel, Prof. Dr. Stephan / Fingernagel, Dr. Andreas

Hardcover, 24.5 x 37 cm (9.6 x 14.6 in.), 416 pages


Publisher: Taschen

Click the image for further information.

Choice #o3-o5 available in:
Page One bookstore, Kinokuniya, KLCC, Kuala Lumpur
Page One bookstore, Lot 10 3rd Level, Kuala Lumpur

#o2 choice

WHITE orchid.

2 is enough, wrappings not necessary, keep it simple. ;)

#o1 choice

Show me what’s LESS THAN 3.

Or, gimme a nice warm hug & I’ll reveal the answer.



  1. wahhh, ur bday list really KENG leh..
    Avg ur gifts are above RM100.. ^_^|||
    as for white orkid or orchid.. why “white” orchid?
    any story behind it? :) can share?

    errrr… i give u warm hugs last sunday ya… so reveal reveal.. hihihi~

    Phileo, Dennon.

  2. hmm.. I don't know why I this fetish for white orchid, but totally loathe other types.

    less than three = <3 = love. 'cam tu, senang kan?

  3. hmm… white white stuff..
    is either very holy & pure in nature..
    or.. for people who is going to a holy & pure nature..

    Anyway, seldom white orchid i see.

  4. William Shakespeare. Sonnet LXVII Ah! wherefore with infection should he live, And with his presence grace impiety, That sin by him advantage should achieve And lace itself with his society? Why should false painting imitate his cheek And steal dead seeing of his living hue? Why should poor beauty indirectly seek Roses of shadow, since his rose is true? Why should he live, now Nature bankrupt is, Beggar’d of blood to blush through lively veins? For she hath no exchequer now but his, And, proud of many, lives upon his gains. O, him she stores, to show what wealth she had In days long since, before these last so bad.

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