Posted by: bellebelle | May 10, 2006

It’s a Huge Stone, Not Stepping Stone.

Is like a huge stone dropping on me. Classes on Wednesday from 2.30pm to 8.30pm from May to August. It’s so gonna be tough, tough, tough. I will miss church mid week service (from 7.30pm onwards). I assume by the time I reach the location, I’ll only be able to catch the fellowship and group meet ups.

I have always loved the mid week services. Because after all, it’s evening time. After work and class finishes, getting some time to relax, singing songs with the church, consume lesson points, chit chat and distress. From next week onwards, hopefully I will not be too weary after the morning tasks to classes to driving to meet up to fellowship.

MM055-1 = MultiMedia batch 2005 May – class 1. Sounds cool to me. :D

Thank God for the blank columns on Saturday! Finally I can break free from the Saturday class curse. Haha, bad karma around the past 12 months you say, therefore I get Saturday classes? Nyah, foolish I say.

I will post a copy of my timetable when it’s fully updated. I wonder if I will be allowed to take 8 subjects? My curriculum has 7, but I failed Figure Studies 2, therefore I was halted from taking Illustration Fundamentals during my 3rd term. Can I take Illustration Fundamentals plus Visual Fundamentals altogether? If it were so, 21 college hours.

Say hello to Gabrielle the Multimedia lass.


As for Starbucks, minimum 4 working days.

I’m a handicapped coffee lover. With one big problem, my body doesn’t support large amount of caffeine. Not even coffee tit bits like KOPIKO, sigh~ Wonder what will happen? Shiver, heart beating fast, loose concentration… Worst come to worst, my head will be swimming around and terrible nausea occurs, ugh. I don’t know what’s wrong, you go figure out.

When you see me sip coffee from your cup, please do not stop me. I know my boundaries, how will my body not support, but a sip or two is still alright. So, pretty pretty please?

Say hello to Gabrielle the barista.



  1. Belle belle,
    well, that’s reality in life… my dear … sometime things will nt come out what we hope for. Treat it as a challenge that God want to test ur faith and always believe that God is in control. Although the progress will not be easy but I always believe in you because u are a strong belle belle. =) Go go jia you!!!

    love….. + Muaks……

  2. Ewwww~~ Don’t go muaks muaks in public blog lah.. *pengsan..


    anyway.. my belle belle aka wagagawee~,
    as i know.. big or small stone.. is still ONLY a STONE!
    His ROCK will crush tat puny stone!!

    Nevertheless, take it as a training to strengthen urself.. as life is always more than it seems.

    can’t join midweek? i think that’s awesome! why?
    well.. let me think..

    gagak still flying in the air….

    oh! i know!
    bcos, now.. it not only test u but also the group..
    ur group got to be more caring by taping out the sermons for u.. call u more, concern u more..

    wahhh.. so much “less than 3”.. hehehe
    tru this test, i believe.. u guys will be more unified.

    so once burden, is once blessing.


  3. Yen² & Dennon:

    Strong Belle² is afraid that she will get spiritually ‘dry’ & emotional coz she’ll be the only one stuck in college while everyone is rejuvenating in church. Perhaps this is a test to help me take initiative in seeking help. (e.g MP3 Recordings, Notes, Info..)

    I was inspired by Calvin & Yen² for not failing to come to mid week services eventhough you guys had late classes as well during the past months. Really, both of ya have set a good example & leads me to immitate the serving heart for God.

    I am very touched by Vincent to share bout how the early Christians stay faithful & always unite for meeting up one another, and the supportive points totally blown me up.

    I want Christians to keep walking in & out of my life, day in day out.

    Huge stone instead of Stepping stone.. As in, I will not let it stumble my foot while I’m on the journey. Fall also never mind, like a toddler learning how to walk, maybe I will cry, but I know I will not fail standing and keep walking step by step. Once burden, once blessing.. I like that.

    Christ alone is my hope and strength.

    One thing I really need is for you guys to remember to raise a smile and come gimme a huge hug everytime seeing me, definitely I will do my part as well. ;) After the tiring day, that will certainly encourage & cheers me up so so much.

    p/s: I’m Belle Belle without the “wa ga ga ga whee~”! That is just my stomach rejoicing/emotional respond, just like Kee Soon’s “pi kulu kulu”.

  4. Dear MinMin aka BelleBelle (not loceng-loceng ya?),

    Just a reminder note..

    True strength “comes” from God when…
    We “let go” of our weaknesses to God..
    True peace comes from God when…
    We let go of our stress to God…
    True love comes from God when…
    We let go of ourselves to God…

    So, when u are feeling lonely..
    or dry..
    or weak..

    think of us.. think of us, eagerly waiting for u..
    praying for u.. longing to give u that warmth hugs.. can’t wait to see u cheeky smiles that beams up like a sun!! Why?

    because we are a family!! *_*

    Love ya!!

  5. aite, sir!!

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