Posted by: bellebelle | June 19, 2006

How Do I Feel Loved?

After I did this Love Language quiz… I felt overwhelmed. My prediction of my #1 result, is in the 3rd place. Sigh, don’t I know myself better? Out of curiosity, I did the quiz and found the results rather surprising.

So… Results were…
1) Quality Time
Acts of Service
3) Physical Touch
4) Words of Affirmation
5) Receiving Gifts

All this while, I thought…

1) Physical Touch
* So much I love daddy’s goodnight kisses. So much I long for a nice warm friendly hug to just cheer my day. So much I like people to just nicely hold my shoulder, as a sign of encouragement. So much I enjoy being patted. So much I like people to gently play with my hair. So much more..

2) Quality Time
* Get some time to throw ourselves on the greeneries and just enjoy the sunshine. Then, talk. Occasionally close eyes, listen to the sound of breeze. Sit in a nice corner of the café, some tit bits on the table, and also share with me a nice cup of drink, that will be wonderful! Sit at some quite areas where I can see something far, or swing with me, or lets try sitting beneath a big big tree? Many many more great things we can do together. No flirting time, please.

3) Words of Affirmation
* I can’t deal well, they can be super discouraging even when the person doesn’t intend to hurt my feelings. I admit I am very sensitive towards words. I can get very emotional and neglect to talk about it. If you were to come across hurting me few years back, I will shun and act normal. “I don’t give a damn”, I say, but I’m just running away from getting hurt. Things have changed, and I have attitude changes as well. ;) I need assurance and now I am certain I need to be loved through words.

4) Acts of Service
* Well, very often I am capable to do many things. Therefore, I am not very looking into this as what I needed very much from others. Physically, I am fine. I seek more of mental support. But there will be times that my strength and ability is limited, so when I needed help, I seek for them.

5) Receiving Gifts
* This is the ONLY correct love language on the correct position. Which, I don’t really fancy. Definitely, receiving gifts are sweet, be it 9 pages long letter, a smashed home cooked sunny side up (fried egg / telur mata kerbau), a flower which I really like, a can of 100plus, it’s definitely gonna be sweet. But somehow, I think many things could be categorized under gifts… a sunshine smile, a wonderful hug, so much more! Give me some time and patience, those are great gifts as well.

My love language for others… you guess (leave a comment). I’ll reveal them on the comment box. ^_____^



  1. Hi,
    good to be here for knowing your love language.i think u are a person that prefer others to come to you & acompany you or encourage you.i knew that u r a person that u know what should do as u said , u had got alot of advice from others.You loves personal time with some one,like God.You enjoy to share your lives with God in a nice or quiet place.But maybe some times some one will hurt you by accidentally or no one come to you,i think you should go back to God himself.this is because we r human,not perfect can’t always realize your feeling but God’s Himself will know.God’s love is unfalling & unconditional.I myself so grateful to have Him in my lives is because whenever i feel scare,alone,hurt,emotional & etc i can come back to God jus tell him what’s my lives going on.In my opinion of love,Love is serve & love is let go.I learn this from Phua Hee singapore brother who preach in sunday service in kuching.Maybe i’ll share to you when i meet u…i’ll pray for you to get strong in your physical & spiritual.

  2. *wink wink*

    eyes tired liao..

    Wahhh.. Love languages ha..
    Good good.. :)

    Me one is..
    1. Quality Time (QT)
    2. Still More Quality Time (one QT is just aint enuf)
    3. Words of Affirmation
    4. Gifts
    5. Act of Service

    Well, as u may have noticed.. there’s no physical touch there.. as i don’t like people playing with my hair.. i will flipped if my dad give me a goodnite kiss.. eewww.. @_@ but so far & so near, i guess a bear hug is the closest touch that i favour. :)

    BTW, nice photo of myself u have.. from where u got this shot? *wink *wink.

  3. John: yupp, you have got it right, i need to spend a lotta QUALITY time and have people to come to me consistently. quality as in a nice place where we both could chill and talk things out. then i supposed, if i were hurt by somebody.. other than going to God, i can too confront that particular person.

    Dennon: haha, no hair to be played with wert! hmm.. my dad do give my bro goodnight kiss tho! he didn’t flipped like you say.. haha~ your photo is cropped from the Kuantan trip and desaturated and colourized into blue hue. ;)

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