Posted by: bellebelle | June 19, 2006

Proverbs 17:17

Wasn’t feeling well on Sunday.

Got super dizzy after all the traveling times in the hospital escalator. On and off was in the hospital for a few days, Kee Soon was admitted in the hospital because of some major fungal infection. So sorry for no home cooked pasta from me, I’ve got all the materials ready but hadn’t got the time to prepare them.

He was admitted in University Hospital on Tuesday. Doesn’t sound too bad to me until I paid him a visit with Calvin and Seh Yen. Not long after we arrive, Boon Seng joined us as well. Poor thing, his legs and back side were swollen and has pustules on it, so he can barely stand or move around, even switching positions on bed was hard for him. Plus, he was down with fever after traveling back from Singapore, weak as well. Also, burnt his tongue and got kind of swollen, which makes him hard to converse. Calvin Chai spent his night with him.

Wednesday, after morning shift, lifted Corrinne to go kacau him. Kept patting his shoulders and head, hoping that would relieve his pain. Saw him biting his towel and near to tears. He’s in the general ward, he couldn’t make much noise and shout out of pain. It was certainly unbearable to witness him going through the pain. As I said, he couldn’t move around. He either have to lay on his chest or curl like a prawn. In order to not injured his wounds even worse. Thank God, his fever was relieved. He had all his books, gadgets and necessities with him, but what can he do much with them? Can’t even move an inch…

After classes and church mid week service, we sent Jewei to stay overnight with him. On the way sending Calvin Loh and Boon Seng home, we thought of bringing some necessities for the both of them in the hospital. So Calvin prepared Jewei a burger, t-shirt, sleeping bag and a towel. I got him a toothbrush. When I travel to UH, is around 11.30pm. I was so shocked to see many brothers and sisters around Kee Soon’s bed (after 8pm, only one visitor is allowed to stay). They were Gabriel, Jackson, Joey, Shewman, and Scott. Not forgetting Jewei and I. Haha, nurse said we could only stay for a while, but we wave goodbye around 12.30am, naughty us. Hopefully we did not disturb any other patients.

Thursday morning, I got him some ‘porridge kosong’ (kosong as in no pepper, no sliced ginger, no oil, only some spring onions and shredded chicken) and also mee hoon for Jewei. He was sleeping safe ‘n sound and I saw Jewei standing by the window. I wonder he was sight-seeing or praying… if it’s the latter, I’m sorry if I have interrupted. We chit-chatted awhile and soon, doctors came for check-up. Kee Soon aroused. After that, I bet he felt super loved, because Jewei sat by his side and spoon fed him. Aww~

Me? I sat on the ground and watch them perform brotherly love, haha. In the twinkling of an eye, I witness so many frames of happiness. I was sitting there eyeing for nice angle to shoot, too… (excuse the artsy side of me) Sigh, if only I have a digital SLR on hand, I will snap so much from the ward. My eyes are like the camera shutter, everytime it blinks, it processes a wonderful shot in the brain memory.

Then, Boon Seng spent Thursday and Friday night with him, to assist him. I wasn’t around the corner for the time being, was caught up with assignments and classes, Friday night have to work night shift.

Saturday noon, went to UH after pom-pom my baby kancil (washed my car lah). Drizzled, at that timing!! I just washed my car and my baby got dirtied again… *cries* When I reached, Kee Soon was sleeping with his glasses, and I wondered why… So in the midst of him being sleeping beauty, I gave the sisters (Catherine, Chooi Ling & Lai Wan) a ride from the light rail transit. The time we reach UH, Boon Seng, Jee Eng and Kee Soon’s parents were there. We had great laughter, Kee Soon’s condition is getting better day by day. He can sit and walk a short journey. Oh oh, Sisters rinsed grapes for him!! He then hop on the wheel chair and went for a walk with the brother and sisters. Not long after, Boon Seng and I left earlier to join Jewei for evangelism in Sunway Pyramid.

I realized, the uncle on Kee Soon’s left, he has this familiar rod inserted from the side of his chest. Familiar, Jun Meng? Very much the same case as you, but he didn’t have the machine to dispense the unnecessary air from his lungs. Spontaneous Pheumothorax, scary.

As for Sunday, as usual, I’m the driver. The sisters went there with herbal soup and spaghetti! His parents bought him Kentucky Fried Chicken too!! Aww~

So, this is what we see wonderful in the kingdom of God. We always heard, “blood is thicker than water”, but none of us except for his parents are blood related to him. And yet people from God performed as much love. Feeling very touched by the brothers, including Aaron as well, they did not rant for spending their nights with Kee Soon, to just keep him occupied. Even if it’s last minute arrangement, they did it. I believe these deeds could only be done when we understand God’s standard of LOVE. The people and happenings that I have listed here are just part of the entire thing! I hadn’t include those which I hadn’t witness by myself. If I were to compile, there’s so much more to type!!

Shout: “Kee Soon, you’re so blessed and loved!!”

Proverbs 17:17 a friend loves at all times; a brother is born for adversity.

“Dear all, tq for your great love n concern -speechless- i will be discharged today, look forward to seeing u all in church -kee soon” 09:11 19.06.2006

“doctor say must eat more pasta n drink more coffee, so how oh?” 09:21 19.06.2006

“Haha, you’ve been eating too much liao lah, some more no exercise except for all the ‘push-ups’, gonna be so plump! Have to keep fit first!! *sayang*”

Haha, am so happy for him.



  1. Great Job Guys!!! really proud of you all…
    Gambate and continue the great job in loving one another…

  2. *wink *wink..

    too long to read… adooiii.. sakit mata..

    will update more later..

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