Posted by: bellebelle | June 20, 2006

Midnight Fun

12.32am. Chill..

Was feeling hungry after taking a late night bath. I picked up my keys & drove for McDee's. With very little faith, I decide among SS2 or Section 14.

SS2, that is. Took about 5 minutes to get there, but predictably, they're closing. Nicely the staff greets me and we waved goodbye. From far, I saw my stomach saviour. I say..

Ramli burger, awesome!!!!!

7-11 is around the corner, caught a can of Shandy, feelin' jolly.. Whee~ Gonna work morning shift, say no to beer. XD

12.49am. 17 minutes to chill, decide a ride, nice midnight breeze, McDee's, Ramli's special, 7-11 smiley staffs, easy to ears speaker volume, 2 repetitive rounds of Leo Ku "Together", came home, and my hair is still wet. =3

'right, now I should thank God for the safe drive & the wonderful supper, then dig into my Ramli special tak pedas. Night² lovelies!



  1. 944pm

    just uploading my new Sony Network Walkman..
    Bored.. so checking out blogs..

    wahhh… late suppers..
    wonderful.. but sleep after ur Ramli’s ???

    u better thank God again for your youth & high metabolic rate.. if not, u will turn out to be one big Tai Fei Por one day.. hehehehe~

    Anyway, that’s the beauty of been young & active!!
    Live LIFE to it’s FULL i say!!!

    aiyooOoo, making me hungry liao.. yum yum..

  2. hahaha long live ramli burger!!

  3. […]           2:33am. Here comes another night with Ramlee’s special and a warm can of shandy, today a lil different, because I’m on Voice Conversation with ikan Billys. […]

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