Posted by: bellebelle | July 1, 2006

15 Minutes Date.

In fact I wanna post my 傻瓜 which were drafted 2 days ago. But I decide to do this 1st. Just in case, I forgot the details..

I only managed to shoot 4 goals in about 20 minutes. On and off, I was distracted by
the people in the chinese restaurant,
the aunty relaxing near the park,
the good looking guy reading newspaper,
the Magnolia ice-cream truck,
the sms beeps

I told myself, another ball in the basket, then I’ll go. Strike! I got it in.

From far I can feel the morning breeze, nice. And the playground swings were not taken. The good looking fellow sits 10 feet near ’em. Okay, forget about him, not important. I was in fact, attracted by the empty seats.

So, there I sat, and swung. I observed the area, people-watched, looked into the sky and the huge big trees. If only I had a camera or a sketchbook, I’ll snap some pretty shots and share ’em with you. ;) Very nice, to swing and see the sun shines through the tree leaves. Very nice, to feel the gentle wind blowing my hair.

After 5 minutes, there he comes, sat on the swing beside me. And, we swung.

5 minutes of silence, I broke in “Morning~”
“Morning.” was his reply. He look rather shocked.
“Taken breakfast?”
“Have you taken your breakfast?”
“Oh, yeah.”
I giggled and said, “Oh, I have not makan.”

Another 5 minutes of silence. We swung, I peep at him. Woo, 2 tone t-shirt, blue and gray, just like mine! Red shorts, red pouch and a pirated Tokyo Drift. I reckon he glanced at me too. And must be thinking, “funny cina girl with funny hair style, funny swing style.” Haha, better not.

Let’s name him.. Anthony. Well, Anthony‘s a nice name, suitable for all. At first I thought he’s some indian kid from the neighbourhood. Then, when he replied, there’s a sense of maturity. So, he’s somewhat near my brother’s age, 2 years younger I suppose. Maybe same highschool?

Somehow, he reminded me of the short-film I watched last Friday. “Blue”, produced by seniors from Multimedia Design major. It’s about a story of an adopted Indian child to a Chinese family. Kinda sad, because the boy was alone all the time. Relate and relate, I thought I could cheer Anthony, so I greet him in the first place.

This time, he broke the silence. “What are you waiting for?”

Good question. Neither did I know what was I waiting for. I was just swinging and sight seeing and people watching, with a little bit of art sense.

“Nothing ah, just chilling.”
“So where do you study?”
“Oh, I’m in college.”
And again, he look rather shocked.
“Okay, I’m going home” I say. “Bub-byee..” I waved.

Goodbye he said and watch me picked my basketball from the baby swing and ciao.

Wednesday morning I’m gonna bring along my camera. I could have done that again. And, remind me to shoot more than 5 goals. :D

Goodbye Anthony.


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