Posted by: bellebelle | July 7, 2006

Froggie Croaks, Don’t They?

          Was on the phone with a few friends, some serious talk, some casual chats. Our conversations were strongly interrupted by a very unusual loud noise. We analyzed, some thought it were some kind of bugs or creepy-crawlies, some thought it was ugh.. ghost. I thought it was a toad or frog, somehow I think it’s similiar to the noise you can find during camping nights. And the echo to the noise, I’m quite certained that those are sms beeps.

          “Have you ever eaten FROG MEAT?” my bro asked.
          “Why? You wanna catch one for me is it?” I replied, I knew what he meant.
          “Yeah, felt like assasinating them. Let’s have a froggie massacre.”
          “Haha, you sure those noise comes from frogs?”
          “Yeah, I saw one this morning.”
          “So, is it a big one? It’s sure loud.”
          “No, it’s tiny. It certainly has a huge noisy mouth. VERY BIG mouth.”
          “You know, frog croaks when it’s gonna rain.”
          “Better not, I’m so gonna eat them if tomorrow rains.”

          My brother is cute.

          I never find frogs croaking as annoying to this extend. I can barely concentrate on the phone..

          Neither did I ever find people being so annoying to such extend.

          I have some frequent ‘visitors’ who would sms me at the wrong timing, asking the wrong questions. I won’t disclose their names. Wrong timing as in.. middle of the night, while I was sound asleep. Really, I don’t mind anyone sending sms or give me calls at anytime, that’s why everyday I kept my phone on call for 24hours. I make sure the ringing tone is loud enough for me to take notice of the call. I make sure I put my cellphone on the best place for me to reach a call. But late night messages asking the wrong questions really frustrates me.

          “What are you doing?” Well, I was dreaming that my prince charming riding on a white horse and somehow the toad croaks so loud that made me tripped the ride.

          “Hope I’m not disturbing. I just wanted to ask, what are you doing?” Me too, hope that you would not disturb when I attempt to see my happily-ever-after-charmed reaction.

          “Well, I just wanted to say goodnight.” Well, goodnight? 4am?!??!!

          Sometimes, these late night messages annoys me so much that I don’t care to reply, even if I’m awake. Honestly speaking, I felt very disturbed. I know, I know that you concerned ’bout me, hence you’ve sent the same text messages again and again out of concern. 

          Just to make things clear, I am not obligated to report to you what I do 24/7. I felt very restricted, not like you’re my dad or boyfriend or wive.. If you were, I’d love to do the reports everywhere I go and I need no notification. It’s very nice of you to care and wanting to find out more about me, definitely I’d love to feel loved and being taken care of, but don’t take control of me so much that I could hardly breathe! Taking good care of a person and make sure s/he’s alright, is definitely not by annoying the person late at night, please allow them to have a good rest after a tiring day. 

          Also beg for your understanding. I don’t switch off my cellphone because I wanted to be aware of emergency notices. Just like my secondary school years, how teachers would dail my number during classes, is when students got injured and they need to be sent for treatment. And also times to allow Jun Meng call in and ask “ngo leng chai mou?” It might sound ridiculous for you, but whenever he does that, he would be lying in the hospital bed or merajuk because he’s sick. He asked if he’s handsome, so I would have not been too frightened.. and at the same time, being alarmed that he’s feeling uneasy.

          Don’t take technology for granted. Don’t worry, I’d still love you; clarifying that I’m an available public figure. But, belongs to no one, only God takes charge of my life.

          *sms beeps*

          “Well, you can certainly eat this one.” I said. Well, you know what I mean, don’t repeat the mistake until my brother decide to have his unusual froggie massacre.




  1. Dearie…

    Nguak nguak… Hope didn’t disturb u that day when i was so frustrated bout my… stubborn computer, finally, it’s DEAD…

  2. Silly girl, those ‘froggies’ definitely aren’t you, alright. *huggles*

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