Posted by: bellebelle | July 12, 2006

I never liked the name Jason until I met one Lecturer

I’ve decided to change my blog post from “Kian Foong” to the above one. :P

— — —

“Ah Pao, where are you now?”

Yesterday, many rushed to college just because of the above phonecall.

I didn’t promised to be there right away, because I have things on hand to be settled. But definitely, my heart has already flew to his side. I said, MUST CONCENTRATE. When I got my things done and reached college, I found many familiar faces sitting near the one I’m looking for.

“See! Kian Foong, you have so many bestfriends!” I pat him on his hands.

That’s what I’ve said while I sat on the ground. Everyone got off their chairs and joined me.

Casual chats we had. Our main character of the day, my 10-year old friend, a.k.a Danson/Kian Foong. He is in the midst of quiting his major year, and we’re worried. Most of our concern.. we see him getting much thinner and thinner, physically and mentally worn out, feeling lost in directions. Sakit hati, tao?

I didn’t know much to say, just sat there and allow him to hit my legs. Wow, stressful men can really get violent, aite? Even later when Jason join in our conversation, he wants to hit me on my head. Brutal behaviour, bad bad. :P

Looking for our counsellor is definitely not the best choice for the moment. Tsae Yen, Yan Feei and I shared the same experience. Our counselling session sounded mostly like.. “So, which are the things you are interested?” “XYZ.” “So, go for it!!” “… …” No point, really, no point asking in the first place.

I think Kian Foong is fortunate enough to have a lecturer sitting down with us in our conversations. Never had I met him, but he assured us so much that we can definitely put our trust upon his words. So, I stared at his tag, he has a passport photo which looks like he’s 33 years old and his name is Jason Loh, he teaches Kian Foong and Tsae Yen Modelling Basics, if not mistaken.

One thing touches my heart, is when I heard him showing concern to Kian Foong. I know, lecturers do observe their students while conducting the class. But I never knew a big number of lecturers who would really go one-on-one with the students. Throughout our talks, I’m sure I was pretty playful and cheeky, neither did I disclose my name, but he knew I’m in Multimedia major.

He sat amongst us, shared his experience, also allowed Kian Foong to speak his mind, helped him to find solutions, give him examples, listen to our jokes and opinions, etc. I think this is terrific.

He himself didn’t get enough sleep out from his freelance work, had bad nausea in the morning. But yet did not surrender and was reminded that he has students to be taken care of. If he hadn’t told us about that, we wouldn’t have realized by ourselves. Because he’s character was so bubbly and animated, to the point that we wouldn’t see a single trace of tiredness. I knew, because personally, I have the same characteristic. One thing different, his eagerness for this field is so much more higher than mine. That’s the passion that I can really immitate.

I am not coping too good in my academics, honestly I told Jason about that.

After sorting out the problems with Kian Foong, we got to make a move. Before we set off for lunch, Jason asked for my name. “Gabrielle.” and from far, he mistook me as “Abel“, hehe.

Jason is one cute lecturer. Where can you find a lecturer who would ask “you guess how old am i?” then show you his muscles, and put on a smile with the victory signage. Funny, but I still think his passport photo shows that he’s 33, although in fact, he looked like he’s in mid 20s (looks can be deceiving), and he’s 27 30. Time to change photo la dear.

Kian Foong, we really do care about you. We can be there for you to share your burden, listen to you, talk to you, counsel you, love you, whatsoever. But we can never do your part FOR YOU. Kian Foong is Kian Foong, you have to make your own decisions, and I’ll make sure we’ll help you throughout the journey. Just, don’t get yourself all worn out and emotional, alright? I’d never want to loose this friendship, let’s count to 11 years.

Reminisce our foundation year, the dramatical drama we had, sitting in OPX’s car, history presentation havoc, fashion design final presentation, lunch dates, movie hangout, photo sessions.. so much more. Never compare those times with what we’re going through in our respective majors. Do count your blessings.

me, William (our Paper Engineering lecturer), Caryn, Samantha, Danson (Kian Foong), Audrey, OPX (Peong Xiang)

fun-loving class of CD055-2 (Communication Design Year 2005 May group 2)



  1. T_T..yesterday i wrote so much about the comments but then when click,oh god…web page cannot view…aiks…haha…nvm,well…I’m so gan dong when i read this,thank you very much that you help me alot,my life getting meaningless,dunno y?!but i’m really appreciate u guys do worried me,without u all,everyday i went to class,just sitting there do work and finish classs just go back.Howcome so boring wan?there’s no one tok to me at all,but i wun change course cause of this stupid reason,the only thing i just need to “tahan”.I’m so confusing,still dunno change what course…ARGH!btw,thanks!

  2. oh dear, definitely not meaningless lorr.. yesterday i told you so loudly we all love you!!

    do seek more advise. like how you talked to jason & su weii the other day, look for more people to talk with. before you end this term, you can take your time to make considerations.

    also examine your heart, see what is running inside. like i told you, ‘what you enjoy’ and ‘what you like to do’ is a different thing.

    don’t need to keep tahan-ing, coz one day will tak boleh tahan wan.. talk things out, see what kinda actions we can take to kill this trauma. one thing for sure, i’ll certainly pray for you. ^_____^

    chill, chill, stress man can be very scary..

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