Posted by: bellebelle | July 15, 2006


          2:33am. Here comes another night with Ramlee’s special and a warm can of shandy, today a lil different, because I’m on Voice Conversation with ikan Billys.

          Stoned for a while. Reached home around 5+ after a tiring day, then.. being able to make calls, reply e-mail(s), nap, went out, bible study, chit chat, return Je Wei’s hard disk, sent Seh Yen home, went home, out for a drive with my bro, 7-11, Ramlee’s, came home at 12.40am.

          To keep me running, you’ll just needed to pour in some sweetener.

          Lollipop. Sweet.
          Jun Meng said “everything will be alright” before he went offline. Sweet.
          A book I read said “Everything’s gonna be alright.” Sweet.
          Nicky and his Jay-Chou-look-alike-smile from far. Sweet.
          Daniel Powter: Free Loop without vocal. Sweet.
          My dad & bro’s concern. Sweet.

          Elaborate more. I need to run to bed, like, now, 3:09am.

          MV Doulos is here, let’s row a boat.

          Before I go.. Biblical truth. SWEET. ;)


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