Posted by: bellebelle | August 4, 2006

I Want to be Wise, Minus the Tooth

Spent two days wondering why I’m having such unusual sore in my mouth. Is like.. very tired to close mouth.. not to the extend of painful, but still making me suffer. Create headache also..

So.. I went around asking..

belle:    oh, yeah, i’ve got a question.. have you grown wisdom tooth?
jewei:    eh.. dunno woh
belle:    go count
jewei:    how many?
belle:    count first
jewei:    eh.. wait ya
belle:    huh? upper or lower?
jewei:    lower
            upper cannot see
belle:    eii.. you got 16 on lower ah
            i go count again
jewei:    24?
belle:    i’ve only got 14 on the lower and 14 on top, how?
jewei:    eh….
            i know.. you can be wiser!
belle:    *lol*
jewei:    i couldn’t remember when my wisdom tooth grew
belle:    hmm.. think think
            no pain?
jewei:    no idea.. i didn’t have any teeth pain for several years
            not in college.. not in upper secondary
            maybe wisdom tooth haven’t grew
belle:    hmm..
jewei:    you’re havin tooth pain?
belle:    not pain
jewei:    itchy?
belle:    feeling weird
            like.. jaw very ‘suan’
jewei:    mmm… eat too much? hehe
belle:    ><

after awhile, went on voice conversation with peng keng..

belle:    oh, yeah, i’ve got a question.. have you grown wisdom tooth?
pkeng:  eh, still growing..
belle:    huh? ‘still’??!!
pkeng:  yeah, still, grow since long ago..
belle:    huh? so, err.. pain or not?
pkeng:  at times, yeah. like struggle to come out.
belle:    harr.. sounds so scary..

after voice conversation..

belle:    wa gaa a boo bwaa
jewei:    mmmm.. your jaw very suan ah
belle:    yeah.. T___T
jewei:    dinner makan-ed?
belle:    makan-ed
            when makan is okay
            but when i have nothing in mouth.. is like weird weird 

if.. if.. it’s really wisdom tooth.. how how? is it gonna go on for weeks? i feel like my jaw is gonna drop off soon.. if it’s really wisdom tooth.. that explains why I got fever without knowing the reason why.. since last week.

I think I’m going insane.. my prayer went on like this..

“..God, please grant me wisdom so I am able to shine in whatever I commit.
… …
but God, grant me wisdom please, not tooth..”

Like that.. can ah?



  1. lol….1st of all maybe is the wisdom tooth that u say lor…
    2nd is probably u drink not enough water ler dear….
    “yit hei” will cause somepart very suan wan~

  2. Oh PK no worries, my wisdom tooh is still growing…long term process

    Little Belle, sabar ye…surely God will bless you with g8 wisdom…just for a little while…you’ll grow to be a big girl soon…

    Enjoy the process…ha hahahaha…

    Love Ya!

  3. danson >> hahaha.. exactly like what you’ve said. ’til now, it’s not grown, so i s’pose my body was heaty.

    Evelyn >> hehe love you too, little belle no pain pain anymore. but.. but.. no wisdom tooth no big girl? NO WAY!

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