Posted by: bellebelle | August 10, 2006

MEME #o1

Okay, I didn’t know what to do for the next few hours. Plenty of assignments to be done, where should I start? Let me chill for a while, alright?

Wanted to post the posts I’ve drafted long ago.. but decided to do this. Those drafts are very heavy, which I don’t think will help me chill. So.. let’s start.

Instructions: Name 20 people you can think of at the top of your head. Don’t read the questions before you write. (okay, guess I’ll need to confess, I read the 1st few Qs.. but, totally forgotten. so.. it counts!)

o1) Je Wei – he’s sick.
o2) Ze Lin – he basically killed 4 stalks of morning glory today, but.. it’s all for good. ;)
o3) Boon Tiong – he named Ze Lin’s painting after my name..
o4) Gabriel – he’s on the chatroom now, I owe him food during October.
o5) Khairul – didn’t see him in college today.
o6) Su Weii – she’s sick too.
o7) Yan Feei – my wife.
o8) Kelly Chen – her song is playing.
o9) Yang – my brother, he just came home.
1o) Kae Shiuh – tsk tsk, always kacau my bro. :P
11) Jun Meng a.k.a Mark – good good friend. he gave me a glass bottle of mineral water as birthday gift, 3 years ago.
12) Billy Chan – another good good friend. Caramel Macchiato..
13) Lee Ping a.k.a Tammy – and another good good friend.
14) my mind went blank for a period of time.. very sleepy ah.. okay, Jay Chou – I like him.
15) Leo Ku – I like him, too.
16) Kian Foong a.k.a Danson – friends for 11 years.
17) Peong Xiang a.k.a OPX – funny fellow.
18) Mui Yit a.k.a Patricia – lovely.
19) Marcus Ng – convocation this weekend.
2o) John Lee – National Service.

How did you meet 14?
I wish I could. >___<

What would you do if you never met 1?
Then I wouldn’t have met Mr. Banana.

Did you ever like 19?
One thing for sure, I never hate him. He’s nice.

Describe 3.
He’s my lecturer for Illustration Fundamentals, partner with Ze Lin. Easy to talk with, gentle, super patient.

Do you think 8 is attractive?
Her voice does attract me. Well, I believe she’s attractive in her own way, just like everyone else.

Say something about 7.
Super super cute.

Do you know 12’s family?
Directly, no. Indirectly, he told me about them. I even know he has a mixed Shih-Tzu named Kah Meng, super adorable!

What’s 18’s favourite?
Something cute, hehe.

How old is 16 now?
Same as me. ;)

When was the last time you talked to 13?
8th August, on MSN messenger.

Would you date 4?
I did, 5th August.

Would you date 7?
I always do!! *lol*

Is 15 single?
I think so..

What’s 10’s last name?

Would you have a serious relationship with 11?
Err.. these questions getting kind of tricky eh. I’d say serious friendship.

Which school does 9 goes to?
Sultan Abdul Samad highschool.

Where does 5 live?
The housing area beside The One Academy.

What’s your favourite thing about 2?
Err.. he apologized to the morning glory(s) this evening, cute.

Okay, I’m done. Gonna get a nice shower, then start on my assignments and clean my room. The 20 names I’ve stated has no favouritism or whatsoever sensitive. Just some random names which came through my mind. Plenty of names I can include, but never mind, save them for some other time. ;)

Love all of ya, goodnight!



  1. lol…ur fren’s dog, kah meng is actually my cousin’s name as well. hehe.

  2. hehehehe.. very ticklish to think of that.:P

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