Posted by: bellebelle | August 25, 2006

so sad..

i thought my modem kong-ed.. went up & down to borrow this and that, test this and that..

ended up..

my LAN card died, i think.

can only get it fixed on Monday.. am feeling so lonely at home, without the MSN beeps, and refresh button to click. so sad..

dear readers, don’t run. please stay tune if you love me. many things to be posted up, which i think is not appropriate to do them in college or internet cafes.


love you all, i’d better get myself an ice-cream cone to tone down my internet-absence-loneliness..



  1. aiyo poor gal.. i understand how u feel. i will also get withdrawal symptoms when i am not online for extended periods of time~ get a tagboard la… hehe easier to comment. :P

  2. hehe tag board cannot save history leh. i like the traditional way of comment box. feel very loved every time receiving replies. ^_____^

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