Posted by: bellebelle | September 11, 2006


i’ve written a long post bout something i really need to blog about. after a click, it’s gone.

guess.. you & i have to be patient until the streamyx technician come fix my internet accesibilities.



  1. Dear dear, did u press the wrong button or somethin? maybe the connection was somehow reset or idle; happen sometimes when u stay in age for too long. What I do is, I usually copy n paste the contents to a Wordpad or MS Word first before uploading it. Hope u r not discouraged ya!*hug hug*

  2. sigh, it’s because i’m now online-ing outside my comfort zone. no comfy chair, good lighting, great finger food, cannot blast speakers, cannot sit like how i want, pc not configured nicely, different working area, don’t even have a registered microsoft word for me to type like how i used to..

    i can’t seem to figure out what’s wrong with my PC.. not the modem, not the network card, even dismental my splitter, no wyres are running out of place.. WHAT’s WRONG??!!

    3 weeks without internet connection at home.. am feeling breathless now.

    TECHNICIAN.. please come.. save me..

    i don’t like typing with plenty of fullstops….. now genki level dropped again..

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