Posted by: bellebelle | October 2, 2006

of Lee Ping and I

it was about 5 years ago, we became best friends.

there’s this special bond between us, which is more than we could comprehend. we have never argued, never fought over any issues, to the extend we asked one another “come, lets fight.” which never works. it’s plain weird that we never raise our voice, or have conflicted opinions, or hurt one another. it’s simply sophisticating.

so much we trust in each other, like we’ve signed an invisible covenant, to be accountable to one another as always. i’ve forgot how we came about being friends. i remembered she was my senior then not long after that, we became so bonded to one another. we ran through projects together, played under the rain, drafted plans together, screamed our lungs out in our school field, studied together.. eat, sleep, walk, run, shout, shop, march, sing, dance, you name it.

of course, together with us, were many people which have walked the journey. from seniors, to juniors, to those who were in the same service batch with us, to friends, to advisors, to senior officers, to parents, even strangers.. too many too many to name..

now that we have different responsibilities, a different career choice. i was afraid that we will walk not as close as we used to. these scary thoughts stopped when i received her sms not too long ago, informing her holidays are around the corner. so for a few days, we came out and did some shopping, chit chatting, and even travelled to Genting Highlands to spend some time together.

we had a blast, talked so so much and walked so so much, hand in hand. it was never awkward, not even after such a long parting period, there’s many things to share and talk about, there’s so much memories to reminisce. so, come to think about my worries, what is there to be afraid of? it shouldn’t have been my concern in the first place! well, here are some photos :D

Tammy and i shared my favourite grande cup of Caramel Macchiato. foamed milk + espresso + vanilla + distinctive caramel sauce as topping. ugh could never resist that indulgent, buttery & intense taste.

Tammy immitated the signboard.

Genting outdoor Theme Park

that’s me munching bread while Tammy apply her liquid eyeliner.

喜 怒
哀 乐


Super-Tammy fight against nasty calories with her sidekick Incredible-Belle, armed with Gardenia bread.

munching bread happily

oh, tired liao

aiya, stick on glass wall.

we “heart” each other

Tammy shakes Dato’s hand.

original X’D


hehe, we were waving and peace-ing to the upcoming cable cars.

foreshortened Tammy, round round dee~ so cute!

yupp, so that’s our trip to Genting!



  1. hey belle belle..great to see ya blog up n running again after a long pause. Whoa….Didn’t expect to see so much more pics when I clicked the reply button. U really knows how to enjoy yourself and capture the moments on photo. It’s really nice to know there are close buddies in our life that we can count on through good times n bad times. And some more never had any arguments or fights, tats even more amazing. I’ve always believed that friendship can only grow stronger through conflicts and misunderstandings. But I guess you n Tammy has proven to be exceptions. I’ve fought, hated, cried, cold wars, have bitterness and all sorts of ups n downs wif my close buddies, but thank God we managed to come out knowing one another deeper n closer than ever b4. May the friendships between u n Tammy continue to bloom forevermore, and may God bless u with more friendships such as this.

  2. :)

  3. yupp, it’s just amazing that we never fought. that’s kinda weird tho, hehe.

    sometimes.. a relationship without much conflicts, or siblings without arguments, doesn’t mean that they are 100% harmonious or very close to one another..

    between the two of them, i s’pose somebody is enduring & have been overly-patient. therefore i agree, all sorts of trials & tribulations in relationships will really draw 2 party closer, which is sorta ‘necessary’.

    proverbs 27:17 as iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.

    the thing is.. i get emotionally troubled if i think i’ve hurt anyone, & will tend to drive away. so i reckon God placed Tammy in my life to ease things out. having this friendship with her is really really nice. spending time with her is always so relaxing & comfy. =3

    i’ve discovered some broken image links, made some minor changes here & there. hehe, pretty much i liked this new layout. ;)

  4. Envy!! Envy!! you all lolzz.. and Indeed you all are really good posers (that’s a compliment) anyway nice picture taken.. ciao

  5. X’)

    envy leh, next time do that with you, hehe.

  6. Yeah sure.. looking forward to

  7. Daniel…Daniel, u don’t know what yur’ gettin yurself into, haha

  8. -_____-||| apa maksud eh?

  9. *Pout*… haha…, …, …

  10. dunno how to say… :)=

  11. haha what cute photos!
    great to see such a rare and precious friendship being chronicled. :)

  12. Victoria >> hehe yeah, cute acquaintance too. almost made her cry with this blog post.

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