Posted by: bellebelle | October 14, 2006

I am so Loved

Encourage my soul and let us journey on
For the night is dark and I am far from home
Thanks be to God the morning light appears

The storm is passing over
The storm is passing over
The storm is passing over

i was overwhelmed, again & again i allowed my emotions to rule over. many times i lean on my own strength & did not ask for Your help to relieve my uneasiness. love is difficult, but You assured Your love for me. the hiatus in my prayer journal, indicates the blank column in my life. everything i do, seemed meaningless, because i forgot about You.

i have been so selfish, i thought i could do good & maintain strong. how willingly will i be, to actually seek for advices & help, how wide will i open my heart to actually listen to the responses, how well will i endure discouraging moments? everything is about myself. it’s so selfish, it’s so ugly.

as if there’s a whirlpool swarming over my troubled heart, this fitting song encourages so so well. it is just the right song, coming by the right time. real good, real nice. it just hurts, because i struggle so hard. You first loved me, want to have a deep relationship with me. to send my gratitudes, i give thanks to you.

my God, you wanted me to make room for you in my heart, but yet i made room for sin & still keeps it in store. You do not do things to condemn me, yet i felt rebuked. Father Lord, i want to come clean & be pleasing in Your eyes. i want to do this because i am broken. yes Lord, please guide me & strengthen my heart, so i could kick satan away & stop housing him in my heart. help me to see everything.. hunger, pain, tears, laughter, joy, hope, triumph.

God, you comfort downcast. Your deep sorrow, Your ardent concern, Your longing for me.. makes my joy greater & ever. yes i was hurt, only for a little while. i felt so weak & tiny, knowing that your grace is so much more than i could comprehend. i took it for granted, i was made sorry, & sorrow is leading me to repentance, for good.

help me in having complete confidence in You. help me to believe whatever i said in prayer, it will definitely come true. my strength & hope all comes from you, Lord. You provide streams to quench my thrist, You provide paths to keep me walking. thank You Lord for loving me, thank You Lord for blessing me.

you’ve seen me weak in coming to you. for a period of time, i was troubled by stress, but i took it lightly. i thought i am alright, everyone else thought so. but deep down in my heart, i knew something is going on weird. and i felt, it’s all coming back to me now. this time, i am made prepared.

i never sang “Hallelujah” and meant it like i do now.

loving you very much. i plea for forgiveness in your son’s most precious name, Amen.



  1. Hey Belle Belle…

    Seems like you’ve been goin through tough times. If it really is, it’s okay. Everybody does. Every now then, we would feel bad over the things we’ve done as we ponder about and reflect on it. It’s only natural. The biggest mistake would be to just think about it and yet do nothing. It’s so easy for us sometimes to just ourself ask how we have been doing this, how we are like that. I believe the question we should really ask is, what are we gonna do about it, and have we started doin anythin about it. For sure, God loves us. Never a shadow of doubt about that. And just as much as He loves us, He wants us not to over-feel bad or sad about the things we did and the way we have been. He yearns for us to come Him in prayer, askin Him for guidance as we seek to work on our shortcomings with joy and fear, fear out of reverance for God.

    One way to deal with stress, in my opinion, is to share with others, with the people in our life, of how we feel about things, the thoughts that have been passing in our mind. As the sayin goes, 2 heads are better than one. Others can help us to see things which we otherwise would not have by our own. And keep ourself accountable too. Though it won’t be easy at times, like pride gettin in the way or insecurity. Thats where we gotta brace ourself to overcome the barriers. Indeed, God wants us to be open, to let others into our life. With this in mind, it should be easy to overcome the barriers that may hinder us from opening the door to our heart.

    Hehe..hope my little babbling helps somehow. hungry now. Time to feed the tummy. Hope the rain has stopped somewhat.

    Au revoir for now!

    The storm is passing over,
    And lo the rainbow shines radiant as ever…

  2. thank you. i just can’t say thank you enough. i was looking for the words to this particular song which only comes into my head when i’ve just made it through a troubling time or when i am extremely thankful for God bailing me out once again of the trouble i’ve created in my life. i learned this song when i was strong in the church, when i was a little girl and the words never left my heart.

    thank you for your words, i overstand each and every word you’ve spoken. i’ve got yet another song for you:

    i love the Lord
    he heard my cry
    and pitied every groan
    long as i live
    and trouble rise
    i’ll hasten to his throne

    i wish you peace and blessings and again, thank you!

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