Posted by: bellebelle | October 26, 2006

Freelance Hype

Photo montage, editing, colour mood adjustments.. I’m picking ’em up.

Anyone searching for freelancer? Wedding album, studio photo, portraits etc.

yeah, the before & after. :) brighter eyes & teeth, noticable dimples, flawless skin, removed eyebag.. focusing the model & the strawberry shortcake, blurred background.

this one.. i’ve got nothing better to do. X’)



  1. Can try the last picture change to botak? Hehe..

  2. The original pics are way better..the 2nd one looks fakey (flawless skin, too hard to belive), the 3rd, (panjangnya rambut, iklan shampoo ke ni..) absolutely dont suit u in my opinion. I think au naturale is better for u…still, nice touch up and effect nevertheless and it’s what people wanted when they look for photo editing artist.

  3. steve >> hehe, am trying too~ or.. there’s another way out, shave bald & take photo directly!

    shinichi >> freelance experimental pictures la, tak-kan i simply take other people punya photo to edit kan??

  4. yay, what i was tryin to say is tat au naturale suits u better, mana lah go n ask u simply edit orang lain punya photo, hehe

    if Belle really w/o hair,hmmm.. i’m good at imagining…lemme try to picture

    ..opening file..composing image….SYSTEM ERROR!!!

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