Posted by: bellebelle | November 28, 2006

Paint Job

it all started with a FWD mail from Calvin to all the campus members..

then, we signed up to paint Haris & Bee Gaik’s love nest!!

from campus, inclusive of Ryan (Boon Seng), Pei Sia, Herman, Corrinne, Seh Yen, John & i.

throughout the day, the singles were with us as well. namely, Han Wen, Siew Choo (passerby A), Yvonne (passerby B) & of course, Sean/Shawn/Shaun (which one is the correct spelling?)!!

now, let the pictures do the talking..

that’s Haris drafting the to-do list

to-do list close-up

Bee Gaik pulled Haris’s cap X’D

breakfast mamak-ing


patiently listenes to their love stories

here comes Sean!!
we were discussing bout his facial expression the minute before he arrive, check it out!

the unfurnished dining room

checking out the front yard

job distribution

Ryan overcame his fear of heights!!

Corrinne & Yen painting the main gate

hardworking Yen

cutesy Pei Sia

refreshment of the day


in the shadow of the cross, thou art God’s faithful disciples


beautiful blue sky & bright sunshine

Haris got a funny roller-holder

Sean doing the touch-ups while..

..Herman posing


here comes John after work

lovely studio photo

John continues Ryn & Yen’s task while they went for Bible Study with Jun, plus Pei Sia

a reflection of our lethargic brother Herman

Bee Gaik painting master bedroom’s bathplace

Sean refilling paint

whee~ look at the length of that stretchable roller-holder

Bee Gaik dailing for Pizza delivery

husband & wife to be

sleeping beauty #1

what are you trying to do?

me & my paint-tinted hair, was sitting on the portable stairs

low angle cute Herman


Herman enjoying Chilli flakes

sleeping beauty #2

Sean trying out Kee Soon’s camera


younger brother Herman

elder brother Haris

“have to wash clean clean, later go date!!”

Haris in action

is like.. covered with blood.


my cell & my pig

nothing better to do~

working hard working hard :)







  1. … So awesome :) !!!!

  2. haha…
    the photo so funny … especially haris in action…
    oh daddy daddy……
    thanks gab for uploading the photos

  3. Hahaha … very creatively done. Very nice.

  4. what a wonderful way to record the moment which is unforgettable & with soooo many wonderful ppl help.

  5. ^^ nice shots!!

  6. Evelyn, Terranus, 女朋友 >> hehe.

    Seh Yen >> so cute hor, full of actions, like kungfu-fighting.

    Fion >> ello, welcome new visitor~ Bee Gaik must have directed you here. :)

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