Posted by: bellebelle | December 5, 2006


dearie Potato™ under hostage.


last seen via MMS November 10:27am.


brief info: Potato™ was named when i was in my 2nd academic term (November 2005) in The One Academy.

plays an important role in our Drama final presentation.

great partner/actor for Danson & i, while we played Daniel & Nita.

because of his great supportive role & awesome acting skills as a… *ahem* dog, the entire drama group scored distinctively, a bright shiny A.

after serving as an actor for about 2 months, i decided to arrange him to serve as an usher (also known as pillow) in my car. mainly because.. my bed was occupied by Tomato™ & McDull (now in the closet).

it’s adorable, handsome (is a HE), nice to be cuddled, and err.. covered with lovely hugs & saliva of my passengers.

he’s a gift from Aaron (5th Feb 2005), to celebrate my decision to follow Christ.

not to be mentioned, he did not take bath eversince my baptism.

had piercing(s) on the 11th of November by my lovely girlfriend, Corrinne.

kidnapped by annonymous banana lover on the 24th of November.

Dear Mr. Kidnapper, remember to cover blanket & protect his tail with the baby sock, he’s afraid of chilly nights, like no ordinary dogs.

i promise to shower him when he’s freed from hostage.

for the moment, you can have him, because i have no time & money to bring him for spa.



  1. Kidnapping? Hostage? Looks like a job for Detective Conan a.k.a. Shinichi

  2. ooooo..
    poorrrrrrrrrr Potato….
    he must been torturing by the annonymous banana lover
    *cry cry*
    dear ah
    wat i can do is to pray hard for him

  3. Shinichi >> err… dot dot dot.

    Seh Yen >> or you could also feed me with some cute Kuma², AMEN. X)

  4. hahaha~~~
    wait until ur birthday ya dear ^^

  5. potato is back home, need to do as promised, bring him & his siblings to shower hehe.. hopefully could get some time.

  6. erm… nth much 2 say, better bring all of them 2 wash clean clean b4 year ends. Dun b like my Wei Wei little frog, haven’t been able to take him bath, he had already been stolen by some professional thieves… *sob* And, I just found out yesterday that Pudding’s tail is gone one fragment short…. Reason??? Dunno, perhaps Mango was 2 hungry and gave Pudding a bite at the tail? *sad*… But, lost of one fragment of tail seems no big deal for Pudding, she still can jump up and down happily whenever I feed her! ^^

  7. hmm.. maybe tail is playing hide & seek with its owner?

    geez, i didn’t know tortoise tail is as fragile as lizard’s!!

  8. potato looks cool~ -_-

  9. hehe he’s got a lovely blue crouchette & err.. nose ring? all from my cheeky kanojyo (girlfriend). the mattress belongs to anonymous banana lover, got paw prints!!! totemo kawaii desu!! potato must have rolled thousand & one times on it when he’s left alone.

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