Posted by: bellebelle | December 7, 2006

24 Days to Go

counting down in 24 days to close 2006.

i have a lot to blog about, but was hesitant to keep writing to the public. because sometimes, i just have to restrict my writings. sometimes, some people came by but never had their words left for me, discouraging. sometimes, some people leaves too much; i need to manage, edit, or most of the time, cut off. sometimes, i anticipates for some form of encouragements, but they don’t come by as often as i’ve expected. sometimes, they come when i least espected them. sometimes, i was just being lazy. sometimes, i know i have a lot to blog, but my hectic schedule worns me out from touching my keyboard.

i think… my blog statistics went cuckoo-ed. it’s not working the way it’s s’pose to be. but as if i care.. whether it’s hi or lo in traffic, it doesn’t affect at all. all in all, my blog’s statistics, as if anyone cares.

counting down in 24 days to close 2006.

i’m trying to mark off as many resolutions i have for 2006. then i’ve decided, it’s gonna get me down the drain physically, spiritually, emotionally & mentally. perhaps for those whom can’t be fulfilled, i could bring them forward to 2007. for the upcoming 3 weeks before the year ends, there’s plenty of work needed to be done. but somehow i am very relaxed, i felt the peace in my mind because of the many decisions made.

let’s see what’s up in the coming weeks..

Covenant Renewal 13th Dec
Danielle bible study anytime
games planning before 15th Dec
wedding presentation slide preparation before 15th Dec
Campus Retreat to Bagan Lalang 15-17th Dec
Haris & Bee Gaik’s wedding 17th Dec
visit mom anytime
resit Guard to Gospel exam anytime
portfolio compilation 18th Dec onwards
college/scholarship application 18th Dec onwards
Christmas Bible Talk 22nd Dec
Christmas gift preperation 18th-23rd Dec
Kids Kingdom dancing performance props preparation 18-24th Dec
special Christmas Sunday service 24th Dec
date 24th Dec
Christmas 25th Dec
refurnish 2 bedrooms & living room 18th Dec onwards
year end Banquet 31st Dec
haircut as soon as possible
new year resolution from now onwards

possible to get ’em done in 3 weeks time? despite a lot to do, i’m super excited for the new year to come. i’m yet another girl next door, fantasizing the brand new year to be a brand new start.

counting down in 24 days to close 2006.

it’s not the end, it’s just a new beginning.



  1. today is the day of signing covenant, am excited about it!! ^.^ going to church soon~
    shown u gals once of my draft new year resolution version 1… been praying & thinking about it… few drafts came out after that, now…? brain dead… ;p

  2. covenant signed. \(^o^)/

  3. hehe~~~
    after retreat brain dead also…… not jz tat my voice dead soon ….. hopefully can recover b4 2006… >_

  4. Hi sis, All the best to your new year long u put God into the picture, I’m sure u will have a meaningful & fulfilling new year! Merry Christmas and Happy New year to u :)

    ~meng chun~

  5. Seh Yen >> you are well now :)

    Meng Chun >> thank you bro ^___^

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