Posted by: bellebelle | December 21, 2006

Goal Planning

reaching the end of the year. looking back, has year 2006 been fruitful? i felt somewhat.. nostalgic.

share with you, my 2006 planning (.doc to be downloaded) striked through are the fulfilled ones :) non strikethrough, yet to repent & be fulfilled. many of you made me think so much bout my dreams, goals & new year resolution, i am thankful for the talks we had. well… names disclosed.

yeah, came back from a trip few days ago. was a nice one, learnt a lot. i’ve got sunburnt on my face & hands, kinda itchy.. but i did not manage to get my legs tanned. X’) was thrown into the sea.. 3 times.

i think.. i’m getting a little feverish. gotta go catch some rest before i head for dinner, will be back with pictures & updates. be patient yeah! goodnight, love you~


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