Posted by: bellebelle | December 26, 2006

Boxing Day

rang up 2 person in the morning. the more significant person gotta be mum. arranged with her, dinner this Thursday. it’s gonna be exciting, since i’m going over to help her cook. the very thing i wanna do before the year ends, is to have some time with dear mummy.

the 2nd person, Mr. Keok. my highschool teacher. economics & mandarin in specific. called to seek advice for examination purpose. i wanted to do something with education. it’s either volunteer to teach, or, to have an exam taken. i’d most probably choose the latter. because the certificates would definitely do good for my further studies & future.

i hate these light headed days, let me rest my eyes to get this over. hopefully, when i wake up by this evening.. i am able to turnover my wardrobe, wash my household’s linens & get the unwrapped gifts in good shape.

a lotta decisions to be made this year end. it’s alright, because it’s reaching the end in 5 days.

dinner with dad, tonight.

happy boxing day :)


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