Posted by: bellebelle | January 5, 2007

Academically Prayerful

When God answers prayer,
He’s increasing our faith;

When God delays,
He’s increasing our patience;

When God doesn’t answer,
He has better plans for us!

as most of you know, my family is struggling financially & i have to pull out from my course in The One Academy. i find it pointless to stay, when i know financially & emotionally, i can’t finish my entire course. i do wish to have the radical faith, to believe that God will help me pull through as i continue my journey in TheOne. but i couldn’t imagine how would the huge sum of money come settle my fees without working hard for it. even if i am surrendered, i knew i will struggle emotionally, to get distracted by the fact that the family is tight financially. so while God is working on me, i need to be wise as well. after some time spent talking with Heavenly Father & physical dad, i’ve come to conclusion.. to transfer college instead of quitting the entire course.

i’ve got my foundation built on my freelance experiences & college assessments. if you didn’t know, i major in Multimedia (Interactive Media) Design.

as i’m searching for colleges, i prayed that i could get into Raffles Design Institude (Ampang KL) once again (they used to offer me a 20k scholarship & a personal macintosh). on one hand, they are one of the lead colleges which offers the course + merit scholarship i wanna pursue; on the other hand, my father doesn’t like the location, it’s a lil hard to travel. should i give in? i didn’t know. anyhow… i went, whether it’s gonna be a blessing journey or reversed, i didn’t know. but i knew deep in my heart, God will give me what’s best in His eyes.

so it turned out negative. merit could be given with one condition, i need to RESTART. apparently, they don’t need students like me.. which wants a credit transfer (come in halfway) + scholarship at the same time. what to do, private sector mah. i talked to Mr. Frank (college manager), thanked him for the time spent with me & decided i can’t restart & learn all the things i’ve learnt & spend another 2 years till i graduate.

i know when God doesn’t answer my prayer, He have something better for me.

so then, i went to PJCAD (opposite Stamford College @ section 8). arranged an appointment to meet Mr. Vernon (head of multimedia department) by 5th Jan 3pm. while i talk to the other staffs, despite i wanna make a transfer, going halfway.. they seemed pretty serious in having me as their student. they show deeper concern & tried to arrange a credit transfer for me (although i am not confirmed to enroll). seriously, i’m looking forward to meet Vernon in the afternoon. gosh, it’s like a bright light shining to me after a lil disappointment.

as i was thinking bout the documents i need to prepare, i got a lil carried away by some worries & concerns. then, plenty of encouragement came in.. 52 contacts & 2 bible study setup solely in one evening evangelism, i can only imagine. come to think of it, what am i talking about? God’s plan is beyond imaginaries!

now that i’m carried away by the amazing sms-es i’ve got from Corrinne, John & Sim; again, i believe God is our very own encouragement, He’s always there to increase our faith upon Him. am also thankful to knowing the supports are always there, standing by.

i’ll get my resume & portfolio(s) printed out by tomorrow. also, need to have a trip to The One Academy to get my past result transcripts. if possible, i wish to see my lecturers to collect the remaining portfolio, so i could compile a stronger personal portfolio & bring to PJCAD & ALIF college.

hehe.. i’ve just re-read my highschool certificates, couldn’t believe i’ve got straight As for student’s assessments. i didn’t get good MCE/SPM results, so i didn’t expect for the full As in my student assessment report, signed by the principle. seeing this piece of paper also encourages me.

if is God-willing, i’ll get a good credit transfer.. to be exempted from certain courses, so i would not need to pay a huge sum of college fees (meets the purpose of transferring college).

i wish to call upon everyone to keep me in prayer. new academy intake is approaching, i hope to get things settled as soon as possible, so i could have a new start academically. :)



  1. Wow!! Faith lifting testimony. Sis I’m so proud to see your positive attitude despite all the challenge that you have to face.

    Yup it is so true that God knows the best for you while you are working on the new college that you gonna be entering soon.

    I will definately keep you in prayer and Bless your heart!! I believe God will be so pleased by your faith.

    All the Best Little sis!! Hugs…


    scholarship. u might want to consider this

  3. sleepy as usual tis morning, but was strirred up by the writings of a little young lady who certainly has more than mustard seeds of faith in the Heavenly One. nothin much to say, just a piece of song. hopefully can encourage somewhat.

    What is my name
    Where is my home
    Just who am I that You bring me this far
    I was so lost till I found You
    When You took my place
    How things change.

    Nothing’s the same
    But for Your love
    Keeping me strong
    Letting me go on
    I was lost but You search for me
    When You took my place
    How things change.

    When the road that lies ahead seem rough
    When the clouds above look gloom and grey
    When every step is heavy and tough
    To You I come, to You I pray.

    I won’t give up
    I won’t despair
    Cause I’ve hidden Your Words in me
    It’s a promise, of love unfailing
    Someday You’ll be coming
    To take me home on high.

    Adapted from song written by Cheng Kwok-Kong and composed by Joseph Koo

  4. dear GOD, Je Wei, Steve, Vic, Seh Yen, Sim, Eve, Anonymous, Sleepin Dragon, Sushi, Eka, Billy, Danielle, Calvin, Gabriel, Peng Keng, Andrew >> thanks for the encouragement. :)

    & for the rest who kept me in prayer, *HUGS*

  5. Awesome belle,this’s the Gabrielle that i know!!I always amaze by your attitude for God Himself eventhough you facing troubles but you still want to stand up again & continue to fight.This’s a kind of mature attitude that you made,just want to encourage you to continue to burn this fire of maturity….

  6. thanks for the encouragement.

    good news: again, God encouraged us! 77 contact numbers + 6 studies set up!!

  7. please i want to improve in my christianity

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