Posted by: bellebelle | January 6, 2007

Love from All Over the Places

it’s around 6 in the evening, got awakened by a call from dear daddy, asked me out for dinner.

but i had an appointment made earlier with girlfriend to meet her uni friends, so i had to turn down the opt to date daddy for a feast. anyway, am having minor sorethroat since year-end, shouldn’t be eating too much to get it worsen. which in fact, i did that in the afternoon. the fried chicken & rojak, they are too… temptatious. hehe… in a way, i think it’s good, at least i have the urge to eat. now, don’t even talk about it, no appetite.

i read emails & sms & offline messages & recalled the phone conversations i had.

i thought the bright LCD screen hurts my eyes a little. or izzit the background song in my player? or the pain from my throat? or the reflections running in my mind? or perhaps, the sentences… i was made vulnerable & felt painful, i can’t help but to cry a little.


yesterday morning i sent an email to many, the contents are more or less the same as the previous blog entry. then, in the morning… while i arouse from sleep, realized i missed a few sms & calls. one among all, is a promised prayer, & he did it. of course, he hadn’t checked his mailbox. before i settle my documentations & college visits, many replied to my mail.



“Hi dearie Ebiko :) read your mail this morning. Don’t worry the outcome. Trusting and believing in God is all the matters. Will keep you in prayer. Stay strong and steadfast :)”

thank you Sushi, delicious hehe…

“Hv known ur condition for a while, not sure what is de best for u, but would like to work it out with u together. As much as you have been diligently seeking advice and information from different colleges, let us also figure out together how God would like to have the plan for u, for He said: “Many advices make de victory sure.” This include the aspect of spiritual concern.”

thanks dear, looking forward to spend time with you. =)

“Morning dearie~~ thanks for your e-mail, in fact after reading ur e-mail, it makes me break down n cry.”
“i jz feel so much in relating to your situation tat how because of finances difficulties we struggle a lot in persuing our dream. I jz want to said i really proud of you gabrielle that you handle very well in your situation although u struggle a lot during this period of time and you nvr give up spirit which is something tat i nd to learn.”

take up courage dearie, be strong & remain in God & love. love Him & you always.


from Singapore.

“Life’s full of tough decisions but God never gives you a problem that you cannot solve when you choose to turn to him.”

keke… & i’m thankful this email brought us closer alto we’re landing in between seas, so you would have known me better & vice versa in the future. i miss poke-ing you on IM.

“I will be praying for you to constantly be faithful and uplifted by God’s promises and plans for you! Am inspired to see how you keep trying to rely on God and continually to be surrendered to His will for you. I just know that God has an exciting year ahead for you!”

been chatting with you for these 2 days, am sure you & i are spirituually lifted up by all the unexpected miracles from God. 1st of, we prayed for your job. and your teaching placement is confirmed!! then we prayed for health. then we prayed for campus mission team. then we prayed for each other. then you prayed to be fruitful on street evangelism. and you flipped the bible on the spot!! it’s truly amazing, dear sister.


from UK.

“i’m sorry..”
“even so..i have always think of how would u be and stuff..”
“i know u have enuf ppl standing by u.. if ever someday.. when u look around and found nobody is there..”
u’ll find me here.”

Gor, there’s no need to apologize, REALLY. i’m well loved & am really contented with the fact that i was made lovable. i understand the fact that you’re physically, very far away from where i’m standing. but i always felt that you’re near because… you gave me plenty of assurance, letting me know i should never be left alone. i’m a lil helpless in expressing my feelings. to the point you literally forced me to tell you i miss you. now i tell ya, i’m really happy to be the little sister of yours. waiting for you to be back in m’sia.


yesterday night, as i was driving for a cuppa tea, a familiar name shined on my cellphone’s screen. the ever familiar voice sounded, “belle belle ah.”
“how are you? didn’t get to hear from you for quite some time. how’s college?”
“how can i encourage you?”
a huge hug, i said.
we both giggled & he answered upon my request, “is that all? anything more i can do to encourage you?”
we can sit down & talk more, we need to spend time. i replied.


wow, Calvin & Eka gonna join us for dinner. good, at least somebody’s there to backup the spacey me & my pathetic throat.

gotta go, the place we gonna have dinner serve superb tong shui, don’t wanna miss that out. love always.



  1. just reached home when saw yur latest blog entree. so glad n happy to know that love is unfailing all around you. hehe, with so much sayang-ing from all around, even from far across the deep blue waters, stayin genkiful shouldn’t be a problem, rite? i dun suppose i can say more :)

    it’s already midnite, n still got lotsa works to do, so i’ll spare your blog from spammin this time, haha. no songs, just phileos.

  2. hehe..

    spam is ham is spam is ham is spam is ham is spam is ham is spam is ham is spam is ham is spam is ham is spam is ham is spam is ham is spam is ham is spam is ham is spam is ham is…

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