Posted by: bellebelle | January 12, 2007


so, dad set off for his final trip (i think) to Langkawi yesterday morning. as per mentioned in the previous entry, before he halt a cab, he called me to the gates & gave me a goodbye kiss on my forehead. i think… a few days ago, i must have gave him a shock of his life, for crying so much in his arms.

“something wrong with your college transition?” he asked.
i shook my head.

“not feeling well?” he asked.
i shook my head.

“something happened to your friend?” he asked.
i shook my head.

“your mom?” he asked.
i shook my head.

he tried to dig the 101 things which probably would happen to make me cry like that. i am just so grateful that God answered my prayers, because dad came home at the right time. for that moment, i just wanted to cry.

silly, i know.

yesterday morning, i tried to encourage Seh Yen while she’s preparing for her journey to have holidays in Langkawi. i said, “…enjoy your breakaway dear, enjoy the sun & waters. hehe, if you get to bump into my dad, tell him i miss him. love you~”

with very little faith, i hope they would meet each other, because i thought Langkawi isn’t too big to travel. but yet, it’s neither too small to be discovered.

i made it a joke, God made it happen. Seh Yen REALLY met my dad on her way to Langkawi. the more amazing, they are scheduled on the same flight. so she helped me convey messages which i myself, am insecured to tell personally.

after i drove my bro to work, dad called. as usual, he would remind me about the things-to-do & such. so, he reminded me to do the laundry, pick up my brother on time, eat on time, sleep early… then he said, “oh, i met your churchmates in the airport.” he then proceed by telling me where Seh Yen & the rest will be staying, where he himself & Uncle Johnny will be staying…

he told me he’s fine in Langkawi, told me he’s on the street, walking around aimlessly. he told me he wanted to help the girls with the transportation, but they happen to have rented their own car. simple stuff like that, it’s really really enjoyable to listen. some of the details are unnecessary to be conversed, but it’s all the more necessary for me to listen to his voice.

i was a little distracted by the traffics. but on my journey, i smiled & giggled because of his phonecall.

then i realized, the long talk we had, is to provide courage for my dad… because, before we hung up, i heard him say “love you“.



  1. Ah.. So sweet!! Good to hear that you and your dad are doing well.. anyway how’s your college stuff? ohh to keep you update i am a listener in the making.. lolx mwahh

  2. hehe..
    glad tat can do you a favour to convey this massage to your dad.
    Amazing rite!? b4 i receive your sms i already meet your dad. hehe… so is really God’s plan
    Your dad is very kind, give a lot of helpfull guidances =) is a blessing you have a dad like him.
    love you always..

  3. I think if you manage to tell it to your dad personally,he’l definitely feel encourage.Don’t always think that you can’t express very well as long as you just say “I love you….Daddy”.This’s more enough to cheer him whole day or whole week or whole month,i do not know what’s the result will come out but i really want to encourage you just say it out….don fear…love with fear in uncomplete,take your time to fulfill it….take good care=D

  4. Danielle >> hehe.. FYI, my new year resolution is also to be a listener. share to you personally, we must come out for a drink. for the moment, i’ll pray hard that you will do well in the process!!

    Seh Yen >> thanks so much for the favour. dear i love you too!

    John >> yupp, i’m learning step-by-step. i believe my love for him could overtake whatever fear, hatred, bitterness or whatnot. just stay put, wait for me to share good news once i succeed!! you too, be courageous, God is your upfront & back-end support.

  5. The sky may be starless,
    the night may be moonless,
    But deep in my heart there’s a glow.
    For deep in my heart
    I know that You love me.
    You love me because You told me so.

    Living waters flowing through my soul
    Keep us so near while apart.
    I’m not alone in the night
    when I have hidden all Your words deep in me.

    I memorize every line;
    I praise Your name in my prayer.
    And, Father, then I drink again right from the start
    Living waters flowing through my soul

  6. wah.. inspired by the closeness between u and ur dad. definitely it’s not easy to achieve such a relatioship… i need to pray so much and be vulnerable to my father as well… *ponders*
    thanks for sharing, dear. :)

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