Posted by: bellebelle | February 24, 2007

MEME #o2: Four Things

A) Four jobs I have had in my life:

1) Freelance Character Designer
2) Script Translator & Public Speaker (eat raisins until gila)

3) Voluntary Aid Detachment (Youth)
4) Starbucks Barista

B) Four movies I would watch over and over:

1) 神様、もう少しだけ (God, please give me more time)
2) Anastasia

3) Save the Last Dance, Bring it on, Innocent Steps, Take the Lead
(i put them together because they are all Dance-Related)

4) Perhaps Love

C) Four Songs to sing when I’m bored :

1) Leo Ku – Together (emo time)
2) Leo Ku – Together (nothing-better-to-do time)

3) Leo Ku – Together (i just looooove to sing this song, cannot meh?)

4) Twinkle² Little Star, Little Teapot, Do Re Mi… (basically childhood song, you get it la harbored mah)

D) Four books I love to read:

1) B I B L E
2) ARTsy materials (for example: MUST click!)

3) autobiography (especially Musicians, Christians & artistic personalities)

4) ANY graphic novels (comics la dear) by Kitagawa Miyuki

E) Four of my favorite music artists/bands:

1) Jay Chou + Fan Wen Shan
2) Leo Ku


4) (too many to name, come ask me personally)

F) Four places I have been on Vacation:

1) Langkawi island tour
Cameron Highlands
3) Genting Highlands

4) Bagan Lalang beachside

(note: recent visits)

G) Websites I visit daily:
1) mail server

2) Google & news network

3) blog hopping

4) work-related webbie (for ex:, Malaysia International Fashion Alliance etc)

H) Four of my favourite foods:
1) rice rice rice rice !!

2) cheese

3) chocolate


I) Four of my favorite beverages

1) water
2) coffee (Caffè Verona)

3) milk (banana shake!!)

4) cocktail (alcoholic) / fruit punch (non-alcoholic)

J) Four places I would rather be right now:

1) i really miss college
2) in bed, i wish to sleep…..

3) field, so i could lay myself on the grass & watch the sky

4) heaven, hopefully God takes me in

K) Four of my favorite restaurants:

2) IN

4) well, anywhere with free flow of drinks or good magazines, so i could spend looooong time there

L) Four places I will someday travel to:

1) least developed countries (4th-world), for aid or missionary trip
Italy / France, for a walk
3) H E A V E N, let me at least have a glance of the place.

4) i’m contented to have the above places traveled. =)

M) Four of my Favourite quotes:

1) proverbs 17:17
Friends love through all kinds of weather, and families stick together in all kinds of trouble.
(the MSG)
2) “i’d withstand all of hell to hold your hand” Nickelback – Faraway

3) Leo Ku – Together


4) if death comes from my pursuit of you… it is sweeter than any other death I would have faced.


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