Posted by: bellebelle | February 26, 2007

to be Rich

yesterday Burt preached a short & sweet lesson.

2 points to make us ponder about…

  • Relationship is Freedom in God
  • Promises of God

God created us to have a relationship with Him.
This sentence, every disciple knows, because this is what we learned when we first studied the Bible. God is the Ultimate Provider, He doesn’t need anything from us! Then what for He creates us? :to have a relationship with Him! just like any loving parents, they do not know who you’re gonna be in the future, they do not plan for you to come, yet they love you. BUT, God is different, He molds our physical attributes, He plan for our living, He knew, who we gonna be and what we gonna do, He plan for us to come, even before we do, He already have us in His mind.

God created us to have a relationship with Him. however, where does God stand in our eyes? is He too superior? is He too high up for us to reach?


Genesis 2:15-17
God gave Adam ONE simple instruction, to not eat from ONE tree in the Garden of Eden. Imaginably, the Garden is specially created for Adam & Eve’s comfort & survival, so… it has to be big! to avoid from eating the fruits of the ONE tree, it’s seemingly easy, ain’t it? but NO. Adam & Eve broke the rules (Genesis 3:6).

mankind, naturally wants freedom without being questioned.
Restricted Freedom is bound to PROTECT.
however, we like to touch things out of the Protected Area.
our curiosity makes us want to play beyond the restricted area.

FREEDOM, does this come without boundaries?

Galatians 5:13
freedom is given to satisfy sinful desire/nature OR freedom is given to follow what the bible says?

what is your Forbidden Tree today?

are we like little kids who disrespect boundaries?

other than freedom, God give promises.

Luke 12:13-21
God concern for us to be RICH IN HIM instead of being rich in possessions.
But which concerns us more?
being rich in God or being distracted with all kinds of materialistic possessions?

as Burt continually share about Ah Tat’s life, i can’t help but cry.

to think of how heavy it is for him to carry the responsibility & burdens in his life, my struggles are like a speck of dust compared to his. despite the unhealthy upbringing & pressures & mental challenges within the family members… Ah Tat chose to come to know God, to learn to cast his burdens to God.

to earn for a living, to contribute in taking care of the family, Ah Tat has to do odd jobs. i’ve seen him in his work, i would say it wouldn’t be helpful because it requires him to sacrifice his time to meet with the church. as this situation were talked, he made the decision to be rich in God, hence the blessing of a fulltime job. if is not for Burt to share Ah Tat’s life story to the crowd, i would have not known… by seeing him 2 times a week, he is always joyful & bright. i knew, all these peace he has, could only be gained from God alone.

our personal idea of freedom is different from the one protecting us.

will update the mp3 link when it is uploaded.


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