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  1. Translation –
    “Remember to look for something thing to eat, stomach will be awful if hungry.”
    “Remember to bring younger brother to work, 11:30 habis kerja.”
    “You dont like the distance? Next time you suffer.”
    “O Ikan – i must feed.”
    “The weather not good must sirap bunga, if not.. mati loh”
    “Remember to set aside money just in case..”
    “The plane ticket, the eyeglasses have taken.” [dont understand this one]
    “Comes, to kiss one.” [like dont understand.. (‘ ‘ |||) sweat.. hehehe~

  2. -_____-|||
    bro, volunteer yourself to translate for church sermons lah, my blog doesn’t need direct translators, hehe…

    this refers to my dad telling me to drive long distance to fetch him from airport.

    dad telling me he fed the fishes.

    dad set aside an amount of money for emergency usage.

    occident goodbye kiss lah.

    all these are what daddy said before he goes outstation.

    … … …


  3. Yeahhhh… your translation much better than the stupid fish… referring to Babel Fish lah.. :P

    Thank you for the translation.. hehehe~

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