Posted by: bellebelle | March 13, 2007


Black refers to Eka, Blue refers my replies.

Hi..Sleep ady or nt?


Haven’t dear.


I knew u hvnt sleep. I hv mix n scare feeling. I m crying now. Coz of my 1st bro. dokter said he cant go through this nite. My parent just back from town bring my bro see dokter. I didn’t go n me n my cousin jaga rumah. His body all bruises n his mouth bleeding. Dokter said his blood only 4. normal is 20. he supposed nd to tahan in hospital. Bt b’coz my mom nt feeling well so tmr morning only bring my bro to hospital tahan.


Dear, calm down & KEEP praying. No matter wat happen, God wil hav control over it. He wil keep the best for you by your side. The rest, He wil take care of it.


Yup I know. I just feel tht if really happen, I m nt ready yet. Too hard to let go. I keep on praying. He will be ok n get well soon. Dokter asked my mom to bring him to Jakarta bt my mom said wat for since he is nt normal child coz he eat any medicine. We guess tht d coz of medicine n eat too sweet


Dear, I’m sending sms to the rest of the bro & sis to urgently pray for your bro & family. Need you to be strong. Be assured, God is taking care of him & also hav plans for him.


Thank u. maybe tmr I m d one tht jaga my bro in hospital. Coz we lack of ppls.


Prepare dear, to be the Encourager. Your family & especially brother needs love & assurance from you. Bring jacket, tissue & toiletries, prepare to sing songs & sayang him.


Ya. I know u r d one tht always sleep late. U hvnt sleepy yet? Pls pray 4 my bro. gd nite. U take rest.


D entire week is jz today dat I sleep late, now I know why. I will keep praying, you too, pick up the confidence in God. Keep punching Satan with strong prayer.


Keep praying for Eka & her brother & the family.

dear Heavenly Father,

thank You to keep me sustained till this hour of the day. or else, i wouldn’t be able to answer to Eka’s cry. very much i wish to be by her side to comfort her, very much i wish to ring her up. but God, the heart is willing, the body is weak. however, i knew You are always by our side, taking care of all the huge and tiny things which surrounds us. i knew You will look after Eka & especially her brother. they need so much assurance from You, Lord. i knew she’s anxious, she must have waited beside her cell phone for the return sms from me or anyone else. Lord God, help her to be Kingdom Focused, help her to cling unto You so so much that she would gain peace from You. let Your unfailing love protect & secures the family.

God, i love you. thank You for reading our minds & listening to our cries.

in your son Jesus’ most precious name i pray, Amen.



  1. Wat actually happened to her brother?
    makan salah ubat and too many sweet?

    Sound very serious.

    Here’s my prayer.
    Dear God,
    You are our Life giver and you are our Provider. Everything has it’s purpose and reason for it to happened. Please God be with Eka & especially her brother.. also give strength to her family. I pray that our glory be shown during this time of trouble. May Eka’s family be so eager in study up the Bible and be baptised. Everything is in your hands. Everyone’s time will come. I pray God that you will show your true love to her family and that your love will encouraged them instead of them focusing on all the hurts & suffering. If it is your will Lord, heal Eka’s brother.. so that her family may see your GLORY.. show them God your undying love for him. Thank you my Father.
    Love you.. in Jesus Name I pray. Amen.

  2. My Lovely Father in heaven,thk for ur love & mercy to show on us.I knew things happened must have their reason,i do not know how ur will be fulfill but as long as i always stay at ur side you’ll bless me with something is precious to me.Got to know that our dearly Ekahaving problem&pray hard for her to calm down &his brother to get well soon.I’ll lay his life into your mighty hand and sure you’ll do something more than me.I Love you much father, all i pray in Jesus most precious name AMEN!!

  3. Dear God,

    Thank you so much for bringin us into this world and for showerin us with love so divine, so unconditionally. Even before we were born, we are already in your thoughts. You take care of our every need, give us so much more than we ever deserved, sacrificed Your most precious Son…all because You love us. Although there are times things do not happen the way we want it, or beyong our expectations, we know You are always in control. And for whatever that happens, You allowed it to happened for the good. We may not see it, for Your wisdom is not for us to comprehend. But it’s enough for us to know that above all things You love us as your own sons and daugthers.

    We pray for Eka’s brother to be safe. We pray that he will be able to get proper treatment and recover soon. We pray too that you strengthen Eka and her family, physically and emotinally, as it is never easy to see a family member suffering in pain. Father, we pray that You comfort them and encourage them, keeping them going united and strong as a family come what may. We know that love will find a way.

    In Your name and in Your Son Jesus’s name we pray, Amen.

    Dear God,

    In a loving You
    One we’ve come to know
    We would never need to face the world alone

    When the road ahead,
    Ever seems so tough,
    We may not be brave or strong or smart
    But some where deep inside our heart

    We know
    Love will find a way
    Any where we go
    We’re home
    For You are there beside us

    Like dark turning into day
    Some how we’ll come through
    Now that we’ve found You
    Love will find a way

    We were so afraid
    Now we realized
    Things may go so wrong
    But You are in control

    There’s a perfect world
    For You told us so

    And if only they could know it too
    The promises You made with us

    We’d know
    Love will find a way
    Any where we go
    we’re home
    For You are there beside us

    Like dark turning into day
    Some how we’ll come through
    Now that we’ve found you
    Love will find a way

    We know love will find a way

  4. Father, I thank you that we have been delivered from the power of darkness and translated into the kingdom of Your dear Son. I want to commit my prayer for Eka’s Brother and her family to be strong and for your healing to be upon him, for the law of the spirit of life in Christ Jesus has made us free from the law of sin and death.

    I humble myself under your mighty hand that in due time You may exalt us. I cast the whole of their cares, all their anxieties, all their worries, all my concerns, once and for all–on You. You care for each one of us affectionately and care about us watchfully. You sustain us. You will never allow the consistently righteous to be moved–made to slip, fall, or fail!

    Father, I delight myself in you and you perfect that which concerns me.

    Father we cast down imaginations (reasonings) and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of You, and bring into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ. Help us to lay aside every weight and the sin of worry which does try so easily to beset us. And run with patience the race that is set before us, looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith.

    I thank you father, that You are able to keep that which we have committed unto You. I think on (fix my mind on) those things that are true, honest, just, pure, lovely, of good report, virtuous, and deserving of praise. Father, let not our heart be troubled. We abide in Your words, and Your Words abide in us. Therefore, Father, I do not forget what manner of person we are. I look into the perfect law of liberty and continue therein, being not a forgetful hearer, but a doer of the Word and thus blessed in our doing!

    Thank you, Father. Help us to walk in that peace which passes all understanding in Jesus’ name!


  5. wahhhh.. panjangnye prayer-prayer ni.. :)

    super awesome~

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