Posted by: bellebelle | March 16, 2007

Update: Urgent

dear all,

Eka send regards from Indonesia.

i was on phone conversation with her a while ago, here’s an immediate update..

on the 13th of March, i received SMSes from Eka regarding her brother’s bad health condition. she was afraid something bad will happen to Efendi, that he might leave the family at young age (20 yrs old). at that point of time, she felt helpless.

after further check up at the local town hospital, doctor indicated that something’s wrong with his kidney. due to the shortage of manpower & medical equipments, doctor suggested the family to send Efendi to Jakarta for much detailed healthcheck.

he’s having internal bleeding (blood accumulate beneath skin, commonly known as blueblack), mouth bleeding & also bleed when he urinates.

the loss of blood happened because the bleeding couldn’t be stopped, if i am not mistaken.

according to Eka, Efendi is a good boy, he helps around in looking after the shop, house chores etc. despite his mental challenges, he’s a thoughtful boy, never wanted the family to worry about him. hence when he’s not feeling well, he take medicine on his own, consuming whatever he could get from the shop (without detailed knowledge, of course).

the cause of his sickness most probably develops from his unhealthy eating habit.

now, he could eat and talk and move around, pray hard that his health condition would turn better & return home as soon as possible.

compared to the past 3 days, Eka became much cheerful, & surrendering her brother under God’s care.

for those who have concerned & been keeping Eka & brother & family in your prayers, i give you a cyberhug on behalf of her. :)



  1. Mark 9:28-29
    28″After Jesus had gone indoors,his disciples asked him privately,”Why couldn’t we drive it out?”
    29He replied:”This kind can come out only by prayer.”

    Jesus said things will happen only by prayer.This is not an incident that Eka’s brother health is getting better right now definitely is by all your prayers.
    By the way thanks much for ur warm hug*

  2. Hi


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