Posted by: bellebelle | April 30, 2007


i hereby apologize for the lack maintenance of this web space. after some time for thoughts & prayers & blessedness & spacing-out… i decided i need to update you, my dear reader, somewhere in the cyberspace… bout the colours of my life.

i’ve been doing a lil’ extra portion of self denial these days. upkeep & arranging… life. in the sense of faith, family, studies, work, people i loved & still love.

all the more i wanna keep typing, all the more i am reminded i need to keep the disciplinary of my sleeping habit. let me sleep now, wake up and do my daily things, go school, come home, i promise you an update by Monday evening. let us pray for none last minute unforeseen circumstances. *fingers crossed*

in fact, i love to blog a lot… i have 8 unpublished posts kept. let me reveal a little mission… i’m planning for a personal domain :)

love those who are patient enough to care, love those who doesn’t even care or cared; i just knew i do.



  1. That certain night,
    The night it rained,
    There was magic abroad in the air.
    There were angels singing in clouds above,
    And a dear daugther wrote in 17.

    I may be right, I may be wrong,
    But I’m perfectly willing to believe
    That when the moon turned and smiled at me,
    A dear daugther wrote in 17.

    The moon that lingered over PJ
    Poor puzzled moon, he wore a frown.
    How could he know that it’s time for bed?
    The whole world seemed to be on extra-time.

    The streets of town were paved with stars’ reflections,
    It was such an exciting moment.
    And as we hugged and said goodnight,
    A dear daugther wrote in 17..

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