Posted by: bellebelle | May 21, 2007


i will submit my withdrawal form to The One Academy.

i have always wanted to be drenched by rain & at the same time..
cry like nobody’s business.

我的礼物, 在你的生日收到..
那玫瑰开始调零了, 它的颜色真的很美很美.

i want to start learning music theory so i could read scores, then allow my emotions play the right kind of feeling on the keyboard.
i want to learn braille, so i could see what you can’t.

Ming Ming, 因为它的英文写法和我想注册的公司名称相同.电影属艺术/动作片. 喜欢艺术片是 因为, 这种程度的等待是令人安心的, 答案一定会在散场前被解开.
i feel like eating ice-cream.
i should cook the eggs before it expires, omelette or.. sunny side up?
i keep drawing and painting and sketching and scrawling.

有人问说, “你点解剪短头发?” 我转头同倨讲, “留长发就系为昨剪短倨.”

i lost my zeal to practice writing with my left hand.
i am self-learning history of art, to discover my favourite art movements.
i purchase Peel Fresh orange juice & Goodday chocolate milk.
我不偏爱被包装的花, 总欠缺了些自然的感觉. 但要是费神用心包的, 我一定被感动.
i am tired of chicken.
the fastest i could run with my Kancil is 110km/h.

Steven 你一定要好好爱她和小贝比.


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