Posted by: bellebelle | May 30, 2007

For Whom I Love

this post is drafted to strengthen my love for him.

just in case i feel helpless in our relationship, i can refer to this & spank myself for loosing faith.

him & i. there’s something really special between the two of us. of how bonded we actually were, we felt faraway & disconnected at times. of how we honestly long to love one another, we often express it the other way round.

in our entire life, the countless times of getting food for one another, the countless teardrops we shed for each other, the countless heartaches, the countless times we wore each other’s clothes, the countless times i threw pillows to wake him up, the countless times he sms sweet sentences to me, the countless favourite songs we both shared..

the sweetness of having him around, nobody could comprehend. 

he, has his own set of worries.

we said we’re going to be supportive no matter what it takes. now that we have established a promise, there’s no way we should find loop holes breaking it. what more, we should be the dearest people in the entire world, just for him.

Lord, to give up i’d be a fool.


i am not sure if you’d know..
i’m taking care of you.
dad’s learning to communicate with you.
mom feels bad for not spending enough time with you.
the brothers & sisters in church, they are praying for you; we constantly talked about you, we are all waiting for you to be ready.
i’m pretty sure, you friends too, cares for you.
i am always the one who stood by you when everyone looked down upon you.
God is always the only one who gives you unconditional love.

i love you not for what you do; i love you for what you are.

to my tall brother, stay cute. ;)



  1. Hi had been long time didnt leave down my comment :D
    Do persevere on it,i believe that he’ll do some thing but maybe not the time yet.Shared with u before,i did used some years to find my course to study.Don’t give up though there maybe chalenging time,just keep up ur relationship with him lor.Knew that ur relationship with him also quite close.Tambah Minyak oh!!

  2. kasih terima :)

  3. belle, i don’t know who you are, all i know is that i happened upon your page. i now believe that is was not by chance, but meant to be. my name is aljahnay, i am a christian, non-denominational, but raised baptist. as i stated in my other comment, i was looking for the words to a song that i’ve held in my heart for quite some time and came across your page.

    i truly believe nothing happens without a reason, and just wondered why i ended up on your page and reading your entries.

    i hope you are doing well in your journey.

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