Posted by: bellebelle | June 5, 2007




















Gabrielle . Yan Feei . Steven




Danson . Gabrielle . Caryn







  1. Why I’m not in T_T~

  2. got la dear, you were beside Yan Feei at the 1st group photo, holding her purse. and.. there! the final photo, you were at the lower left corner. ^_^

  3. OMG~!! thx belle belle i m so so so so so so so so so so so so touch leh T^T wuwuwu.
    Belle ah. thx for ur website.thx for ur whole day effort 2 made the adam & eve for me* realy luv it so much ^^ * thx for ur compliment for me. thx for rmb all d details of our life ^^ thx for treating me as 1 of ur precious fren. really appreaciate it loads & loads & loads ya !!
    Haha find a day we com out 2 spend tm 2geda ya. i treat u a cup of greeeeeeeen teeeeeeeea frappucino v java chips haha vthout whipped cream. okok? promise !! but u hv 2 remind me aha or else i sure 4get haha.
    Luv u Muaks* take k ya * hugz* ^^ heehee

    p/s: ur keyboard same as mine leh ~!!! hahaha !!


  4. Btw i look so so so chubby in the photos~ T^T ahhhhhh~

  5. you are much loved. *hug hug*

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