Posted by: bellebelle | June 14, 2007


i’m going to be heading down to Singapore for the rest of the week. SEA Conference, that is.

it’s 12:12 in the morning, daddy just kissed me goodnight. i have 2 letters to be written, i need to complete a 4-page cataloged design, send e-mails, clear mailbox, and then i think… it’s time for breakfast with my dad. i have not slept, i have not packed.

i was worried.

early in the morning, my dad rung me up & asked me to check if my brother’s contactable. i tried calling him the entire day, when i was working, when i was eating, when i was driving, when i was shopping… but there’s no way i could reach him.

at about 10pm, as i felt discouraged & made my way to my room, i found him sleeping in. i stood right beside my door, stunned. considerably switched the fan to a stronger volume, and moved my fingers away from turning on the lights.

well, that’s the reason for why i’m not asleep at this hour. my bed is occupied, and i have yet to pack for the 4 days trip to Singapore.

it’s been 8 years since my last visit to Singapore.

i think Seh Yen gonna export Dunkin’ Donuts.

..and i wonder, why on earth all my cravings begins from the initial M? Max Brenner, Mos Burger.. and even Milo Dinosaur!! and, and, i think there’s something named ‘Ah-Bo-Leng’?? 汤圆 + peanut soup?

ish ishSingapore Food Festival only starts on the 29th!

anyhow, i bet it’s gonna be an exciting trip. i will miss Father’s Day, but nonetheless i’ve planned to spend some QUALITY time with my man before i board on the 6 hours bus ride.

just in case you’d miss me, i should be contactable via my cell phone, or… just check the below pictures, hehe.

love y’all. :’)



  1. aint it interesting to have so many expressions..except, maybe, the one in the middle row, right hand side…lol


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