Posted by: bellebelle | July 3, 2007

Aishiteru ze Baby


when a person seriously need some time off over the weekend… a bookstore is the best place to hide from the crowd. juggling with a few favourites of mine, i hid myself at the Design/Math corner. i comfortably lean myself against the shelves of books, reading unrelated books to Math & Design, rest my head & stretched my legs.

alto there were many empty comfy couches… but i can’t sit there for long, people around that area seems tensed. even with my “nobody’s business” attitude, i can’t concentrate. and… one weird uncle kept looking into my direction, he make weird noises to gain my attention. or perhaps, he just wanted a bite of my mixed nuts chocolate bar.

occasionally, i people-watched.
there’s this other uncle which unwrapped books as if he owns the bookstore, i glared at him as i sat beside him.
many readers doesn’t arrange the books in order after browsing… worst of all, they leave them on the floor. i can hardly find my references from the Music shelves. you find John Lennon EVERYWHERE. you find violins & guitars from the keyboard/piano shelves. a friendly storekeeper watched me arrange some books, she smiled. and i did, too.
the rest of the storekeepers have funky looking hairstyles.
this side-view-good-looking guy tickles me every time he giggle over his read. then i felt so distracted, i walked away from seating near to him.
to my realization, there were only 1 female among 10. where have the girls gone to?

here are some scenes i can’t rub off.

Big brother Kippei asks baby Yuzuyu: “Aren’t you… lonely?”

Yuzuyu says…

in kindergarten, Ken-Chan said…

“Doesn’t your mom make you packed lunch?”

Yuzuyu answered with much contentment…

then, my heart dropped.

after much denial, she breaks down…


“please don’t hate me”


after reading 4 browsing copies of Aishiteru ze Baby, i felt…


i can’t help but to think that she’s a reflection of myself. guess, each of us has a hidden self… it is ever so vulnerable & afraid of rejections.



  1. hey hey! its su yuen here! You still in TOA? don’t see you around much anymore. stumble upon your blog through friends =) Nice blog, and nice pictures too.

  2. HEY! been some time since we last met eh? nope, i differed since the beginning of the year.

    i have a year of grace period to earn earn earn some greens to get back there, very likely not. sometimes i use the library ;)

  3. hey! how did you make a clone of yourself?
    a doppledanger?

    i wish i can one.
    one is at work in office, busying himself to do my work. and the real me is sleeping at home and playing games, watching movies, etc :P

  4. hehe sushi!

    can only manage to clone via the amazement of Photoshop skills. XD

  5. […] ze Baby hurray~ after so many months, i have finished all episodes of Aishiteru ze […]

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