Posted by: bellebelle | July 3, 2007

SEA Conference Sharing

“Wow, this is going to be a life-changing one”, i said, while experiencing my first worship service in Singapore.

i would love to share with you what God has taught me throughout the SEA conference.

Before the conference, i was troubled by some family issues. My brother graduated from high school but he seemed to have no directions. At such a stage, he could be somewhat vulnerable, so i approached my friends in church to set up bible studies with him. Throughout the studies, i’ve witnessed him learning to be more sensitive towards my needs and started to understand the Bible.

As time goes by, my family members got impatient towards his lack of planning for the future. They started pushing him around, hoping he would quickly move on in life and share my dad’s burden of supporting the family. Eventually, the blame came upon me. My dad, being the closest to me, questioned me “have you been communicating with your brother?” i felt wronged and obviously i was hurt. i cried but nobody in the family could understand my pain. But all the while, God has been watching and listening. He answered my cry among the 6 principles… “Love-based Evangelism” impacted me very much.

God helped me to see that i shouldn’t be too consumed in my own emotions. But rather, put my focus upon my lost family members. All the more, they are the dearest to me, i should learn to embrace them & love them! There shouldn’t be any reason for me to quit farming.

In spite of me being insecure and fearful, eventually i am challenged to do it, that’s courage! God taught me to believe in the harvest again! As i reflect,
..when i studied the Bible, the ‘strangers’ tolerated my nonsense.
..when i learn to grow as a little baby, the ‘friends’ fed me not only with milk, but spiritual word of God.
..when i felt “I am not ready”, the ‘leader’ came to me and said “many who are first will be last, and many who are last will be first.”
..whether i am joyful or feeling down to the pit, the ‘best friends’ are the ones i’d love to share.

All these people are children of God, they are disciples! From strangers, they became my best friends. Deep in my heart, i knew only love can move the hardest rock, and only God can provide such unconditional love. Definitely i agreed with Mark Templer, the 2nd best friend i should have, are definitely those who love God.

After the conference, i felt sick… out of a sudden, i was prompt to visualize judgment day. Amazingly, it is not as scary as it used to be. i dream of preparing myself the best i could, to meet my groom in heaven. But, i do not want to escape through the flame all by myself, i want to bring as much people to heaven together. :)

love y’all.


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