Posted by: bellebelle | July 5, 2007

How To Cook Instant Noodles?

thanks to the weather, i became so hesitant to walk out for food. i was reluctant to drive too, i just don’t feel like being trapped in a microwave.

well since i have a few packets of my favourite Assam Laksa instant noodles, and i have some time…

i shall have instant noodles for lunch!

carefully read the instructions…

1) Empty noodles and soup mix into 450ml (2 & a quarter cups) of boiling water.
so… how much exactly is 450ml?? what sort of cups do they use, is there a standard one? the cups in my dining room looks different!
2) Simmer for 2 minutes, with gentle stirring.
simmer soup mix & noodles together? it’s difficult to wash the dishes…
3) Serve immediately.

hmm… why not we just ignore the instant steps and do it my way instead?

okay, first and foremost, prepare everything & rinse the cooking instruments.

well, you never knew what crawled on them without your notice. so don’t be lazy, rinse them thoroughly!

then, choose a pot sufficient enough to fit your noodles, fill water and start boiling.

as the water boils, cut luncheon meat, lettuce & tomato… a petite size so they could easily fit through your mouth, then you won’t have trouble messing around with your food.

as for soup, i love pairing them with cubes of raw meat & fresh veges.
if it’s to serve instant noodles without soup, i love a pretty sunny-side-up to go with it, fry onion, and not forgetting the veges.

then, unwrap your favourite packet of instant noodles and remove the soup mix.

pour soup mix into empty bowl instead of the boiled water.

i prefer doing it this way… because if you pour them into the boiling water, it might not dissolve well enough. and besides, if you boiled too much water, the soup mix will not taste as good as it should be…

when the water starts boiling, empty the packet of noodles into the cooking pot. when it’s ready, it will be softened. use a chopstick/fork/whatever to check if it’s ready to be serve.

remember to switch off the gas stove!

next, pour water to mix with the powder…

control the amount of water, as per your own preference. (not too thick, not too watery)

stir the soup mix, until the powder dissolves.

pour noodle.

arrange lettuce.

arrange luncheon meat.

arrange tomato and…

…it’s ready to be served!

carefully handle the hot bowl of soup noodles.

hold the side of the bowl with your thumb & the bottom with your palm.

a picture of me & my bowl of lunch, to prove to you i can cook instant noodles!

thank God for the food before you start digging!



  1. Maggi…cepat di masak, sedap di makan..bila nak masak untuk kitaorang makan ni? takkan le hanya tengok adik makan sorang…tak syok ler tu

    Already you r a pillar of of strength; perhaps it’s time for the pillar to grow stronger.

    Indeed, these r ungodly hours to be awake. I need to repent on that. But the last two days had been..topsy turvy, wasnt feeling well, with a false alarm of apendictis. nevertherless, by His grace, I’m still ok. Just need to bounce back. The sleepin dragon doesnt have proper sleep, it seems…

    Stay cheers :)

  2. Haha!

    Nice work! I am honestly a little hungry now!

  3. Sleepin Dragon >> dah dapat appendicitis, lagi nak maggi? kitaorang tengok dahulu, jikalau abang nakal tak tidur awal, maggi takkan datang.

    thebeliever >> hehe, go grab something to eat ;)

  4. Haha. This teks procedure tak nggo nggarap tugas whehehe thanks zo!

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