Posted by: bellebelle | July 10, 2007

Boulevard of Broken Dreams

this boulevard leads to…

a place where daddy bought a lot of Gardenia Muffins whenever we visits. grandpa keeps the chocolate flavoured for Yang & i even though it’s for him & he himself loves eating them. 

a place where Irving called it “the path to heaven.”

a place where i never forget to switch my cell phone into silent mode.

a place where Lee Ping & i collected posters & flyers.

a place where K left without saying goodbye.

a place where i held a senior’s hand after i bandaged her wounded leg, some kid tripped over her with his spiked shoes.

a place where i met some very humble high end people to talk about my applications for transfusion support & joint venture programs.

a place where i gave courage to a teacher of mine, to drive her car without fear.

a place where i comforted a junior when his arm were seriously injured. and we waited there for so long, we skipped most of our classes.

a bus stop where i had fond memories.

a place where every time i go, i feel a little nausea. perhaps it’s because i always go there without having a proper meal.

a place where i searched for M through blocks & blocks of building, but he was no where to be found. i was so anxious i knelt & cried near the lift, but everyone walked pass with no response to my cry.

a place where i forced Jun Meng to have a body checkup somewhere near valentine’s day. i fell asleep as i waited for his X-ray to be taken. then as an encouragement, i put a pen with his name engraved into his uniform’s pocket.

a place where i taught my juniors how to organize blood donation campaigns.

a place where i witnessed a wholesome load of encouragement & love.

a place where Corrinne & i got lost while we’re on our way there. but thankfully she got her Masters application done. she was so happy… she never stop grinning from the professor’s office to the boulevard to the car park to the exit to the highway to her home.

a place where the bedding in the ICU ward has never changed since 11 years ago.

a place where today i brought lunch for Corrinne.


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