Posted by: bellebelle | July 10, 2007

i’m Like No Other Jewel to You

good morning, my love.

hey big man, after you’ve run through the fields, crawled on your knees… you threw open your arms & carried me. then, you wiped away my tears and today… you’re treasuring me like a jewel (Isaiah 62:3).

i started to question myself and felt i am actually unworthy of all your love. am i really worth the wait? i felt sorry, i took quite some time to get used to your love and care.

it’s something so extraordinary, i didn’t know how to react towards it, nobody has treated me the way you do. it’s something that i wanted for all my life, but afraid of accepting. it’s something i knew requires a lot of strength and effort to maintain, yet again & again, you assured me you will take care of everything on my behalf.

how exactly do you feel about me when i felt the most worthless? i knew, if someone i care asks me so, the ache comes deeply from the heart. i knew you would feel the same, or even beyond what i could imagine. (Isaiah 49:16) why is it that you wanted to engrave me on your palms? haven’t i hurt you enough?

(Isaiah 49:15) you said you will never forget me even if my mother may. i knew deep in my heart, she did, and you did not. but it is because of you whom molded me, i never said a single rant or blamed her for the wrong she commit. from you, i learnt to love her more than i could.

your love is always so captivating. it melts my heart and it’s ever so assuring; no one else could touch my heart the way you do.

to give up, i’d be a fool. i knew my footsteps are small, and i am so fearful of coming near to you. i knew i will never loose the love from you, but it seemed so fragile and easy to be crushed. i made it so; you made it firm. 

i find, there is none like you.

thank you for the assurance day after day.



  1. I believe she did not forget you. You may choose to disagree but that’s how I look at it. (“,)

  2. for a period of time, she did. but one day she came back to me and said “always call me“, and we hugged. already i knew she always cared and she keeps my name in her mind.

    the scripture refers “though she may forget”, deep in my heart i knew i love her for what she is, not for what she has done for me. i don’t hold anything against her even if she has forgotten about me, i knew i can try to CPR & rejuvenate her memories.

  3. Agreed and I am sure you would love her just as much and not in a minute that I thought you would hold your grunt. (:

  4. thank you for being so understanding *hugs*

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