Posted by: bellebelle | October 18, 2007

Wake Me Up When September Ends

well, it’s been quite a while since i typed here.

took my own sweet time to clean and clean and clean my room. gathered many books, unread books. and found many interesting and memorable items i’ve been collecting (and still collecting)…
movie tickets, receipts, cards & letters, glass bottles, notes…
i’ve watched the entire 26 episodes of Bokura Ga Ita

and from the pile of unread books, now i started reading ‘The Five People You Meet In Heaven

from the beginning, i don’t really understand what was i reading. the book i have, is the mandarin translated version, i bought it during this clearance sales some time ago. despite how much i hate reading lengthy translated names, i’d still go for the budgeted books, cheaper mah.

to my surprise, there’s many words i do not know their pronunciation. yet, in my resume, i wrote ‘fluent’ for mandarin. shame of me. X’D

speaking of resume, i updated mine. yeah, i am now… officially seeking for a new job. hoping to extend my knowledge in areas that i am not too experienced, for example… filming industry, animation, photography and video production. meanwhile, freelance helps me survive in this competitive field.

what about my studies? you asked.
i am not giving up yet. *fingers crossed*

had an interview in the morning. Animation Designer, the pay is… way above my expectation, training provided, friendly manager and colleagues, strategic location. but before i am ready for the interview, i began my day sitting in front of my PC, rebooting again and again, for almost an hour. apparently, my harddisk died on me at this very important time of the day. i’m gonna be so dead if i didn’t manage to print my CV and go for the interview on time.

God is awesome, He answered prayer in a super efficient way. the moment i see my Windows working, my heart pumps for joy. i got my PC working, print 2 copies of my resume and some other references, changed into my pre-ironed working outfit, photocopy all my certificates, drove about 15 minutes from my place, and i reach 10 minutes early.

my interview went well, i wasn’t frightful at all. thank God my palms didn’t sweat, it makes me more confident. the general manager which interviewed me, shook my hand thrice and hard. he look pleased with my performance.

i know many have been praying for me, and i am really thankful for that! what have i to fret when God is taking charge?

but horr… i don’t think he will take me. 80% of the employees are guys. nope, it’s not like they will discriminate me or whatnot. it’s about the commitment issue. he’s looking forward to train people for a long term basis, that’s why they are offering such juicy amount of salary. they are investing on manpower! and obviously doesn’t want to train people that will leave the company as soon as they are equipped and competent (like me lah). and the thing is, he knew i wish to continue my studies in the near future.

hehe… so, this is my interview experience in one prestigious company.

next up, i’m waiting for a few production companies to respond after my application.

some of my favourite quotes from the book that i am digging in…


“每个人的生命中,都会有一个真爱的瞬间特写。 ”

“天堂可能出现在最不起眼的角落里。 ”



thank you for always reading & being patient with me. will write more when i finish the book ;) love y’all.



  1. mmm… 我已经读了英文版的‘five people you meet in heaven’ a good read instead.

    haha… was thinking to write this comment in chinese but… take too long la… anyway, you should read ‘tuesday with morris’ that’s a better read and non-fiction.


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