Posted by: bellebelle | November 11, 2007


yeah, i came back from camp =)

surprisingly sun brunt, my back aches, had a broken finger…

nail, longer hair, and a lil’ feverish. but i will be just fine, just needed more water and some good rest and… perhaps a haircut.

aside from a few unreplied sms-es, and 2 very heartwarming phone calls from Feei and my dad… the 4 days up on highland, it was really chilly, serene, and am totally disconnected from the ‘world’ out there. had certain breakthroughs, and it felt great to be able to spend so much time on focusing on the things to be resolved.

throughout the camp…

  • i truly felt the joy of putting down the 大家姐 pride, of learning to be a friend to my brother. to be brave in speaking to him like a simple friend, to have pictures taken together like how friends do, to receive a hug from him, it really, really, really did provide warmth for my often unsecured heart.
  • i learnt different perspective of Love is Kind, Love is not Boastful, Love Always Protects.
  • i prayed and cried on the swing, and the next day, by the trees. with a very simple and grateful attitude. i appreciate the fact that i am easily contented.
  • i tried to hold on tight to 1 Corinthians 13:8a, and believed love could drive out fears.
  • i wrote a letter for my dad, with really ugly handwriting and tear stains… and worst of all, i forgot what i exactly wrote. but come to think of it, why matter so much? as long as it comes from the depth of my heart, i knew i am planting seeds and God will be in charged of it’s growth.
  • i discovered my love for dogs and kids have grown. good news =)
  • the bad news is… i am still not able to overcome my phobia of creepy crawlies.

after 4 days of getaway. now, it really felt like coming back to reality… mails to check, documents to read, charts to plan, schedule to be arranged, designs to be submitted.

i came home around 9 and had a real 42 degree Celsius shower, the 1st that caught my sight were my dad reading the exact same book i had. only the book covers were different. but i was really surprised, we bought the same book. look forward to hear from him about his thoughts on the book. then i go on dreaming, one day… he will be sharing with me from different books, which includes the Bible.

i’ve been thinking ’bout much nonsense lately, and some actually came true. i guess i’ll need to have some strict self-control to call ’em off, else i will go cuckooed with all these crazy thoughts. even if i think it’s nothing bad to be expressive, still, excessive crying over non essential thoughts is seriously unnecessary.

okay, time to rest my eyes.

some screen shots to share before i sign off.




可爱的爸爸 !


i wanna be brave, too. i love you. i seriously, mean it.



  1. wow, went to visit them…so nice…good to share their photo here to us

  2. i can’t go tonight, for Cheryl’s fullmoon. i want to see you all, miss you all so so much..

  3. Thank you

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