Posted by: bellebelle | December 18, 2007

Dear Joey

i’m writing this to you, so i’d prepare myself in the future when i see you.. to hug you, to talk to you, to raise many smiles just for you.

it’s been many years since i have met you. i’m sure you have grown taller than i do, and have been as pretty as always. after i overheard a little news about you and your family.. i have been thinking about you. for 2 years, i think about the days we used to hangout in the playpen, fix puzzles, watch VCR tapes, play masak-masak, and also your birthday party during Christmas.

is Christmas time again. i’ve been wondering.. for these few years, what is Christmas to you? have you been good? have you been eating well? how have you been adapting to all the life transitions? have you been smiling?

some times i ponder.. have i been seeing too much for a 20-year-old; or that other 20-year-olds have not seen as much. funny how i have even forgotten how you look like, but how close connected i felt for you. i could imagine the pain and the struggles you might be going through. but i felt so handicapped; all i could do now, is to pray for you to not have a hardened heart. and that, you are well taken care of.

i know the voids in your heart, and wanted to help you recognize them. and soon, introduce you the solution to heal all your scars. introduce you to the source of love and happiness. when we were children, we watch “happily ever after” videos together. i am sure as we watch how life goes and how much we have been hurt in the past.. both you and i doubted and even, do not trust. neither do hope.

i grew up having hard times holding on to promises and trusting only my own strengths. i guess we soon grow to believe happy endings only happen in the tapes. i’d try to fill my voids with assurances from my dear ones, with all the special attention, to make me feel that i am needed. perhaps some physical closeness as well. i do not wish to see you running over my footsteps.

honestly speaking, even now that i have found my security, i have no ability to give you aid to completely bring you out from your emotional wounds. but i need you to know, i am always here praying earnestly for you. little did you know, somebody out from your circle of friends, have been thinking about protecting you day and night.

you will trample, but you will mature through all the pain. let bygones be bygones. you can definitely let go and close the chapter. i look forward to see you opening your heart to welcome warmth to be filled into it.

i’m searching for you, longing to meet you one day. hopefully when we do, you’d recognize me and am willing to spend some time with me. do not be surprise of how much i wanted to be involved in your life.

dear Joey, Mun Mun misses you, with lots of care.



  1. Who is Joey?

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