Posted by: bellebelle | January 15, 2008


praise God, my cellphone came alive!!

after some months of “silent-mode”, it came alive!

well, just in case you didn’t know. i “accidentally” dropped it on the floor some time ago, and it went… muted. struggled through months without a single ringing sound from it… since i have no extra cash to replace one, guess i’ll have to live with it until it eventually die on me.

then yesterday, as i sotong-ly arouse from a cat nap, it slipped through my fingers and landed on the floor. i went TOTALLY awake. this time, the battery, enclosures and body were scattered all over my bedroom. i hurried and picked it up and assemble it once more…

oh no, please don’t die, don’t die…”

to my surprise, woo-hoo!! the oh-so-familiar Nokia tune blurt from my cell’s speaker!

enough of discouragement and feeling down cast.

i felt like, it’s coming back to me now =)

okay, back to work!

附送 MTV 一部~

爱上那清脆的琴声 ;)



  1. huh? your phone was spoil and now it came alive? anyway i just browse through your blog, i think i have the same problem as you is that i have difficulties in sleeping? do you have any solution about it?!!! it’s killing me i get frustrated easily!!! How?!!!!!

  2. young lady, knowing you for so long, i guess i know exactly why you’re having sleeping disorder. set aside some time for tea, then i’ll give you the solution to it =)

  3. ahhhh, hahaha i know but i am really busy, ermmm say next tues?

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